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HeartCompass Quote:

"Appreciation is a powerful tool to shift perspective. Finding
something to appreciate during a difficult situation quickly
moves the perspective to the big picture from the little picture."

-- From Chaos to Coherence, Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer




Most of us living in the United States will be celebrating
the holiday of Thanksgiving this week. It is meant to be a
time to enjoy the abundance of the fall harvest, spend time
with family and friends, and express gratitude and thanks for
all the things we appreciate in our lives.

Thanksgiving was originally a holiday created to remember how
the Native Americans helped the European immigrants survive the
early winters in New England. New England in winter is freezing
cold, and the Europeans, who came from cities and farmlands,
didn't have a clue how to get food from the "wilderness".

I saw a movie in the theatres several years ago (sorry I can't
think of the name right now) that told the story of a Native
American princess who fell in love with a European immigrant
soldier. With her help, the immigrants, who had just arrived
that summer, received food and help from the local tribes.
Without this help, they all would have perished.

What I noticed most about this story was how the Europeans,
when they arrived in this huge, wide-open country, proceeded
to box themselves in. They built walls, fortresses, and bridges
to keep themselves separate from the very things they needed
to survive. They were afraid to face the unknown, and when
they ran out of the food they brought with them, they did not
venture beyond the walls they built to hunt for game or gather
the fruits, nuts and vegetables just waiting for them "outside".

I mention this because, like the early immigrants to America,
most of us build walls with our thoughts and beliefs. Walls
that seem to keep us separate from the wealth of abundance
that's "just outside". This separation is an illusion, of course.
The early immigrants were no more separated from the wilderness
and it's abundance, than we are separated from each other,
the Universe we all live in, and the Source of All That Is.

It's also significant to notice that it was Love, in this
case between a Native American princess and a European soldier,
that resulted in the opening of the gates, and the beginning
of letting in all the abundance of the wilderness.

Gratitude, in it's True form, is Love.

True Gratitude is more than just giving thanks or appreciation
for what we already have. True Gratitude is Acceptance.

True Gratitude is the Acceptance of All That Is.

When we take down the walls of belief that separate us from
the infinite abundance of Life, we open the gates to receive
All That Is. And that is Gratitude.


THIS WEEK'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP: Gratitude Is A Happy Thanks-Giving

Gratitude is a feeling we tend to reserve for those occassions
when we "receive" something that we want or need.

But receiving is an illusion created by the belief in separation.

In Truth, there is only giving. What we experience as "receiving"
is actually a form of giving, because all that we could ever
want or need is already within us. When we "receive" something
we have actually given it to ourselves. We do this by removing
the walls of thought and belief that created the illusion that
we were ever separate from it.

Gratitude is an acceptance of this Truth. It is an opening of
the gates, to let in what has always been there, and to re-discover
that we were never really separate from anyone, or anything, at all.

So I invite you, whether you live in America or not, to take
this opportunity to give to yourself, to take down the walls of
separation you have created in your own mind, and to experience
true Gratitude right now. Happy thanks-giving!


Featured Video: Go Gratitude: The Master Key

Remember as you watch this, that Gratitude opens the gateway
to All That Is. Enjoy!


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