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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation System:

A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that can redirect the mind with inner guidance from the Heart.


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* HeartCompass Quotes

* HeartCompass Secrets: The Universal Heart-Mind

* LifeNavigation Tip: Remote Viewing With The Heart

* Featured Videos: Metaphysics For Life Lesson #104: Remote Viewing and Influencing.


HeartCompass Quotes:

"The brain gives the heart its sight. The heart gives the brain its vision.""

-- Rob Kall



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: The Universal Heart-Mind

Humanity has longed sensed that there is a form of intelligence that can only be accessed through the Heart. This intelligence, or wisdom as some would prefer to call it, has only recently been explored and studied using scientific methods.

The discovery of Heart Intelligence, or the Heart-Mind, in humans gives rise to the question: If there are conscious, subconscious, and Universal (or superconscious) levels of the Mind, can the same be true of the Heart?

The answer, apparently, is yes!

Just as we have physical brains that can "think", we also have physical hearts that not only pump blood, but also "pump out" electromagnetic signals to every cell and tissue in the body, as well as influencing the physical environment around us.

This electromagnet field is largely "subconscious" - that is, we are not normally aware that it even exists. Yet, just like the subconscious Mind, the subconscious aspects of the Heart run most of the show for us!

The subconscious aspects of the Heart are "outer" manifestations of Heart Intelligence. When we look within, we find something even more amazing.

Within the Heart has been detected a phenomenon that might be called a Zero Point ( a kind of extremely small black hole ). This Zero Point seems to be a point of contact or connection with something much bigger - something infinitely larger than the conscious or subconscious aspects of the Heart.

When steps are taken to calm the conscious Mind and create an experience called "heart coherence" ( causing the electromagnetic field of the Heart to become strong and stable ) the conscious Mind is able to access images and ideas from this point in the Heart. This is what we call Heart Intelligence, or what I like to call A Mind With Heart.

The level or aspect of Heart Intelligence we are tapping into could be called the Universal Heart-Mind. Just as we humans have a Mind and a Heart, on a Universal level there also exists a collective Mind and a collective Heart. When the collective Mind and Heart work together, we have an effective Universal Mind With Heart!

As human collective consciousness evolves, and moves closer and closer to true collective Heart coherence, human experience moves closer and closer to a unified, peaceful, prosperous and productive form of life. Just as the human Heart emits signals that make it possible for the human body to exist, grow, and be healthy, the Universal Heart emits signals that allow the physical world we live in to exist and grow and evolve.

To gain access to the Universal Heart-Mind, read this month's LifeNavigation Tip:


THIS MONTH'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP: Remote Viewing with The Heart

If you are not familiar with Remote Viewing and Influencing, or if you would like a clear explanation, please watch the Featured Video below...

The techniques for remote viewing with the Heart are similar to those used for remote viewing with the Mind. The Mind must be in a state of deep relaxation with the brain operating at slow, dream-like states of vibration (while remaining awake).

To access the Heart, there are a number of techniques for creating Heart Coherence ( a slow breathing state combined with loving emotion resulting in a strong and stable electro-magnetic field which influences the Mind and the brain ).

One of the techniques I use and recommend is, of course, the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System. You can learn this system by taking the free eCourse at, reading the free eBook also available at the site. If you are interested in personal tutoring or coaching, please contact me directly via email at: .

To learn more about heart coherence, how to create it, and to join a community of people interested in creating Global Coherence, visit the research and education site for the Institute of Heartmath, and follow the free guidelines there.

If you desire technical support, visit the Heartmath page at and learn about the eMWave handheld device for creating heart coherence.

Together, the Heart and Mind create our life experience.

Nothing is more powerful or important than learning how to create A Mind With Heart, and how to access all levels of the Heart-Mind for creating an effective and positive life experience!


Featured Video: Metaphysics For Life Lesson #104: Remote Viewing
and Remote Influencing.

Watch the video on Youtube by clicking this link:


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