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Love Is Not A Verb - Healing the Body and Mind

Energy Healing from the Heart

Vol. 2015 No. 004

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation System:

A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that can redirect the mind with inner guidance from the Heart.


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Healing Message From A Mind With Heart:

To love yourself or another, you must also hate yourself or another.

This is the Universal Law of Polarity.

Love is not a verb.

You ARE Love.

Who You Really Are has no polarity (no opposite).




In my early 40's I started to gain some weight.

It wasn't much at first, and I still felt healthy and attractive.

Over time, however, it caught up with me. Now in my 50's I look and feel overweight. I feel "heavy", tired most of the time, and I'm always hungry.

I know I'm not alone in this experience. And if you are a mature woman like I am, you're probably thinking, "Ah yes, menopause!"

I used to think the same thing.

I tried to tell myself that it was all just a natural part of aging, and to try and own the experience of being a rounder, softer, more mature woman. But no matter how hard I tried, my Heart knows better, and it was determined to guide me to the Truth!

Like most of us, the first thing I did was turn to diet and exercise (even though I had an excellent diet and already exercised every day). I started drinking herbal teas and taking supplements to balance my hormones (even though tests showed they were already in perfect balance). I learned stress reduction techniques (even though my life is already low stress).

Needless to say, the weight kept coming and my belly kept getting bigger and bigger.

I came across a hormone receptor reset regimen and thought, "This must be it! My hormones are balanced, but if the receptors are gummed up then my body would feel like they were out of balance."  I started the regimen, which was easy because I already had the diet and exercise in place. Right away I started to feel something.

I felt worse. A lot worse!

After another week of watching my belly grow bigger, growing out of all but one pair of jeans (my "fat day" pants) I was beside myself. I knew so much about the nature of reality, about how to access my Heart for the Truth. Why couldn't I solve this problem!?

I decided to go for a walk and was overcome with emotion - the fear based kind. I found myself saying, out loud, "I HATE MYSELF!" And I mean I FELT it with a vengeance!

Fortunately, I know better than to take anything like that to Heart. Instead, I took it to my Heartcompass Life Navigator's Chart. I wrote down "I HATE MYSELF" all in CAPS and with LOTS of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (to get your free Life Navigator's Chart see This Month's Tip below).

Then I took a deep breath, got centered in my Heart, created Heart coherence, and asked for the Love based Truth.

The Truth I received is the Healing Message at the top of this issue. Reading it out loud gave me such a sense of peace and well being, I knew it to be True.

After that, I went about my day, feeling grateful for the Love based Truth I had received from my Heart. I knew I needed someone to help me with the belly issue. As soon as I had that thought I came across a live webinar that was starting within five minutes. The webinar was presented by the Intelligent Optimist, and it was given by Ruediger Dahlke. The subject was the healing power of illness.

I liked that title. Illness is a physical life experience that can help us become aware of our false fear based beliefs so we can send them back to Source through the Heart for healing. I decided to jump right on it and watch the 90 minute webinar.

What I learned didn't complete the process but it was the next step. Dahlke is a doctor in Germany who practices Transformative Medicine. He says that all illness is the body trying to communicate a larger imbalance in the Mind Body and Soul. This fits perfectly with what I teach, so I listened.

They talked about the current obesity epidemic. Dahlke says that obesity is the body's way of compensating for a nonphysical aspect of our life that needs to "grow" but is being blocked or neglected. The usual suspects are not feeling loved (but I know I AM LOVE so that's not it), not feeling abundant (are you kidding me?), or feeling spiritually unfulfilled (maybe sometimes?).

Still, nothing seemed to hit the nail on the head for me.

At that point, my stomach grumbled, even though I knew I did not need food. I asked myself, "What is that?"

I decided to see what else the hormome receptor reset doctor had to say. I downloaded a free recipe booklet, and was taken to an hour long lecture on how to visualize a slim body. I normally don't have an interest in that kind of thing since, in my mind, I already look and feel slim and healthy.

But for some reason my inner voice said, "Watch this!"

I did, and I'm so glad! The lecture was give by Jon Gabriel of The Gabriel Method. He talked about how to empower the visualization process by focusing on the navel area and creating a ball of light (there's a lot more on Youtube if you want to watch).

THAT was my AH HA! moment!

That ball of light in the navel area, where the third chakra - which is associated with the digestive organs and solar plexus (our energy center) - can be found, was needing to GROW in me. And because I was neglecting it, my belly was getting bigger instead!

Now, this wasn't the subject of the lecture, but I was able to draw these conclusions as a result of:

1 - Being aware of what I was feeling, and the true nature of my thoughts and emotions.

2 - Taking what I thought and felt to the Life Navigation Chart and asking my Heart for the Love based Truth.

3 - Writing that Truth down when I received it.

4 - Feeling gratitude and taking action as my Heart led me to sources of information that would help me solve my problem.

I'm not saying that I suddenly lost 35 pounds, which I need to do. But I did go for a run later that day and I felt lighter and more energized that I have in a LONG time! And I feel committed to visualizing every day, growing the ball of light in my belly, and energizing my third chakra.

Gabriel goes on to explain how an undeveloped energy center in the "gut" area, the solar plexus or third chakra, can lead to poor results when attempting to manifest things into our physical life experience. I remember a healer once told me I needed to develop this area, but I neglected to do so.

My body came to the rescue and sent me a signal - the growing belly - to help me realize I needed to take action.

I hope my story will inspire you to take whatever physical, mental, and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing to your Heartcompass Life Navigator's Chart, and start accessing your Heart for Love based Truth.

Remember to express gratitude and take action when your Heart sends you an answer.

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