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The Secret of the Triangle

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HeartCompass Quotes:

"The mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived."

Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.
Quantum Physicist




A dear friend of mine and Unity Minister Rebecca Lynne, recently published a book she wrote years ago and has been teaching for quite a while.  It tells the story of how she discovered the scientific meaning - the quantum physics - "hidden" in the language of the Bible.  Specifically, the story of Genensis reveals the physics, metaphyics, and laws of physical Creation if read and understood properly (or in a certain way).

In a nutshell, all that we experience in physical reality exists within and is created by Mind.  Mind is God, and God is One.  When the One "divides" itself by projecting "two" within itself, the One becomes Three.  Thus, the Trinity is formed.

The "two" projected within the Mind are Thought (form) and Emotion (substance).  Emotion fulfills Thought to create physical experience, and the Universe is created within the Mind.

I'm not asking you to believe any of this.  I am offering it as something to explore and test in your own life experience.  Everything that you experience as physical reality is an image given substance or meaning in your Mind.  What is the true nature of those images and the feelings that accompany them?  I ask you to experiment and answer those questions for yourself.

If your testing confirms that the true nature of your experience consists of form (thought) given subtance by feeling (emotion), then what is the role of your Heart, if any, in creating physical reality?

Research has shown that the Heart gives us access to emotional intelligence, intuition, inspiration, and inner guidance and peace.  If physical reality consists of thought given substance by feeling, then knowing how to access the Heart enables us to give substance to thought with Love-based feeling from the Heart.

This is the Secret of the Triangle (or Holy Trinity) - The Mind (God or the One), the Son (Thought, Form or Body), and the Holy Ghost or Spirit (Emotion or Substance).  Together, these three act to create all of Life, the Universe, and Reality.



You can learn more about your Mind, Heart, and Body by visiting and joining the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart (which gives you access to the Virtual Learning Center).

Creating a Mind With Heart empowers you to know the true nature of your reality and give substance to thought with Love-based Truth from the Heart.  It's a process that takes time and builds upon itself, with rewards that can lead to a happier and more meaningful life.

To learn more about the Secret Triangle of Life, Death and Evolution, visit where you can purchase Rebecca Lynne's excellent and highly readable book.  The book includes illustrations to help clarify the principles revealed in the book of Genesis.  Join the Foundation and you will have access to Rebecca's online courses, workshops and videos when they are added to the Virtual Learning Center (in the near future).

Watch the Featured Video below for an introduction to Creating A Mind With Heart: The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System...


Featured Video: Creating A Mind With Heart, Part 1: Introduction

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To watch all 5 Parts of this video Course, visit and join the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart.


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