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* HeartCompass Secrets: The Metaphysics of Money

* LifeNavigation Tip: Your Money: Replacing Fear with Love


HeartCompass Quotes:

"Everyone's fear about money is coming to the surface now. The answer lies in trust. Do you trust in your financial portfolio or in a higher power? A higher power has always been there for you, but you have to trust in it. Indeed, if you look back you will see that everything you have needed has always come to you. While many are still filled with the fear of not having anything to fall back on, gifts are being given to those of you who are letting go and opening up. It is a great truth that as you surrender, everything shows up."

~~ Lee Ching



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: The Metaphysics of Money

Metaphysics is the study of the true nature of reality.

In our current reality, money is a physical manifestation of our belief in separation.

Belief, by definition, is always of the Ego Mind and therefore is false and fear-based.

(That's why I beg you to not believe anything you read here, but always to choose Love-based Truth from the Heart! You can do that by becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions, and asking your Heart for the truth. The LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart is one of the ways to do that.)

But I digress...

Money, like all things we experience in our physical reality, is a thought-form given substance by feeling. Just like DNA, thoughts give form to our experience. And just like DNA, it is the environment those thoughts exist within that determine how those thoughts will manifest and be experienced. The environment of thought is feeling and emotion. The same thought, activated by either fear or love, can create very different experiences.

For the vast majority of humans most of the time, money is given substance by feelings based on the emotion of fear.

Money is used primarily as a means of creating the illusion of barriers to giving and receiving where none exist naturally. Our natural tendency to give and receive freely is key to our ability to survive in a physical environment. Simply observe the processes that create life in nature to see that this is true. Any barriers to the give and take that support life will create fear.

Researchers have discovered that receiving money releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone associated with the experience of addiction. We have become "addicted" to money because without it we cannot buy food, shelter, clothing, health care - in short, without it we believe we will die.

Spending money has been found to trigger pain receptors in the brain. Every time we spend a dollar it triggers our fears because every dollar represents our ability to meet physical needs for survival. The combination of dopamine and pain creates fear that drives our desire to "make more money".

While this might be the experience for most of us most of the time, it doesn't have to be that way. For some clues as to how we might transform our experience of money from one activated by fear, to one that is activated by love, let's take a look at the experience of donating, or freely giving away, our money.


THIS MONTH'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP: Your Money: Replacing Fear with Love

Most of us, even when we "donate" money to a good cause, still expect to receive something in return. We might want to deduct the gift from our taxes, or we want to be thanked for our gift with some product or service, or we expect more of what we've been receiving (for example, public TV or radio). In other words, we are really paying for something that we want, and that results in the dopamine-pain-dopamine cycle.

However, when money is truly given away, in gratitude for something already received, the hormone Oxytocin is released in the brain. Oxytocin is the "love" hormone, released when a mother bonds with her baby, when lovers hold hands, when friends hug, and when strangers smile at each other on the street. Oxytocin is our "reward" for giving and receiving freely. It is nature's way of letting us know we are participating in the give and take, without barriers, that supports LIFE.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you go out and simply give away all of your money! In our current money-based society that would be dangerous and silly.

However, I would encourage you to test this for yourself. Remember, I asked you not to believe anything you read here! Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions when you receive money, spend money, and when you give some of it away freely.

The concept of tithing ten percent of the money you receive, often seen as a means of funding non-profit and religious organizations, might in truth be a way we might start to heal our relationship with money. Giving away ten percent will leave you with money to pay for needed products and services in our money-addicted society, while allowing you to have the experience of money that is given substance by love-based feelings and the emotion of love.

If you are ready to do this now, then please continue by watching the video below.

If you appreciate what you receive here, and feel like you can give freely, then please do so.

If not, then find another good cause or service for which you naturally feel gratitude, and try giving to them. And don't forget to use your LifeNavigation System to help you replace fear-based beliefs about money with the Love-based Truth!


Featured Video: The Metaphysics of Donating Money

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Thank you!

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