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HeartCompass Quote:

"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
US Poet, essayist and transcendentalist (1803-1882)




A Mind with Heart is a mind that no longer believes in separation.

In fact, a Mind with Heart no longer "believes" in anything,
because it chooses only Truth.

There is a great deal of focus these days on the mind and upon
consciousness. Science can now measure the effect of human
thought upon the physical Universe. But they have yet to
measure the impact of thought based on belief, versus thought
based upon Truth.

If you happen to be following the science of Quantum Physics,
and the effects of meditation (not just on health, but upon
one's physical experience in the world) like I am, then you
know a recent experiment demonstrated that groups of peaceful
Meditators, focusing their attention on areas of the world
where violence is an everyday occurance, may have had an impact
that reduced violence in those areas.

What these experiments are beginning to show, is that the human
mind, when focused on Truth (ie. Peace, Love, Abundance, etc.)
has a very powerful impact upon the world. Why? Because it
is all Connected. But more important than realizing that all
is connected, is recognizing that Truth is far far more
powerful than belief.

Belief, by definition, is not real because it is not eternal.
Beliefs have no meaning in themselves, but only the meanings
we assign to them. Therefore, the things we create in the
physical Universe with our beliefs are also not real, because
they are made of stuff that is not real.

Please don't get upset with me here! Let me share a few
examples to help make this clear, and to show you that I'm
not asking you to make any sacrifices when I say a Mind
with Heart chooses Truth over beliefs...

I have been studying belief for a long time now. It started
in college when I studied Environmental Education, and
learned that the way people treat the environment is shaped
by their beliefs.

Later, I learned all behavior is shaped by beliefs. So my focus
turned to understanding which beliefs would lead to "good"
behavior, and which beliefs lead to "bad" behavior.

Then I learned that beliefs shape more than our behavior.
They shape our very existence here on Earth. So I became
extremely interested in what beliefs would create a healthy,
happy experience on Earth - or, as I liked to call it,
"Heaven On Earth".

What I finally came to realize is that it is impossible to
create "Heaven On Earth" with beliefs.

I did try. And I watched others try. But eventually, anything
that we created by changing our beliefs had to pass away.
It did not matter if it was a dream car, dream house, our
"soul mate", or radiant health; anything that I, or anyone
else I observed, created with beliefs eventually was lost.

Honestly, with this realization I became quite hopeless
and felt emptiness and despair. What was the point?
If anything I create (or attract, depending on how you
look at it) will eventually be lost, why bother?

The movie "The Secret" says that you have to feel good to
attract good things. But the Truth is, in our moments of
deepest despair, we can receive the greatest insights.

When I realized that beliefs would never create the Heaven on
Earth I so deeply desired, that's when I got the inspiration
that A Mind With Heart, guided by Truth (which is Love),
can and will get the job done.

This is great news! Because while choosing and giving meaning
to our beliefs is a lot of hard work, getting guidance from
the Heart is a piece of cake! And it's just as sweet...



Since this week's "Secret" was a bit long, I'll make the
Navigation Tip short:

Take a look at this week's featured video. As you watch ask
yourself this: If my world is created by my thoughts, then where
do I want my thoughts to come from? From the Ego in the form
of beliefs, or from the Heart in the form of Truth.

You decide...


Featured Video: Healing The Heart of Humanity

Note: The views expressed in this video are those of the
Humanity Healing Network which produced it. They are not
necessarily those of Heartcompass Enterprises. There is a call
to "believe" something at the end, but you already know my
position on that.


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