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A Mind With Heart - The Neutral Heart

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HeartCompass Quotes:

"Neutral is a state where you are not jumping ahead too quickly or moving too slow.

Neutral does not mean being inactive, complacent or passive.

It's about a calm poise that allows for new information and new possibilities to emerge before taking further action. When in neutral you actually increase your sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. Neutral is fertile ground for new possibilities to grow from."

  -- Doc Childre



(note: Read the transcript below and/or watch the video online.)

Welcome back to the Mind With Heart Questions and Answers.

Today I'm going to talk about putting your Heart in neutral.

One of the questions I got recently from a member of the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center was, "How can I remove the emotional charge from the situations I choose to work with in the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System?"

The first step in Creating A Mind With Heart using the LifeNavigation System is to describe a life situation or circumstance that is bothering you - in neutral terms.

But if it's a situation that bothers you, how are you supposed to do that?

Well, that's where metaphysics, or the study of the true nature of reality, comes in. And that's why I created the website - to provide a place where anyone with access to the internet can go and learn.

You can go there any time and use the free study guide, read the articles, watch videos, and so one.

But today I want to share with you a couple of things I have learned from others that I use to help me with this process.



The first thing I do is something I learned from A Course In Miracles.  If you haven't read the book or know nothing about it, don't worry.  You can still use this tip.

When someone or something is "bothering me", it's usually because I feel like they or it is "doing something to me".  ACIM suggests using these words - you can say them out loud or silently in your head:

 "There is no one 'out there', nothing has happened, 'I' do not exist."

I know, this might sound a bit extreme. But if you have been to or have studied the Course for Creating A Mind With Heart, you know that these are simple Truths.  For example:

"There is no one 'out there'" reflects the Truth that nothing is really separate.  Separation is an Illusion created by the Mind.

"Nothing has happened" reflects the Truth that time is an Illusion - everything exists in this moment.

"'I' do not exist" reflects the Truth that who you think you are is not really "you", but an image given substance with feeling in the Mind.

All of this is in the Course at the Mind With Heart Learning Center, and you can access that Course by joining the Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart if you are not currently a student.

The point is, I have found in my own experience that repeating these words somehow neutralizes the emotional charge I have placed on any situation - especially the ones that bother me!

But that's just the first step,  there's a bit more so hang in there with me...

Next, I use something I learned from Robert Scheinfeld from his book "Busting Loose from the Business Game".  You can buy it at the MFL BOOKSTORE.

In Busting Loose, Scheinfeld explains a five step process for reclaiming our energy and power from any life experience or situation that we perceive as negative or draining our life energy.  I have found that once I repeat the ACIM "mantra", I can then say these words to reclaim my energy -

"I made this whole thing up.  Isn't it just totally convincing?"

Then I answer myself, "Yes! Yes it is!"

Followed by, "I now reclaim my power from this."

I then repeat these words if needed.

In Scheinfeld's book he emphasizes the importance of totally experiencing the feelings associated with the situation or circumstance, in order to fully reclaim all the emotional energy that the Mind has invested in creating it.  I have found this to be true in my experience as well.

Once I've reclaimed the energy, I add the Ho'oponono chant to wrap things up:

"I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I Love you."

And that's it.

I have found that using this simple technique can easily place my Heart in neutral, no matter how challenging or stressful the situation might be.

Once my Heart is in neutral, I can describe the situation or circumstance in non-judgemental terms, which allows me to move into the next step - identifying the False Fear-based Beliefs the Mind uses to create that circumstance in my life - and then finally accessing the Heart for Love Based Truth to replace them.

Putting your Heart in neurtal is like shifting gears in a manual transmission car - you can't get from first gear to fifth without passing through neutral.

Using the LifeNavigation System to create a Mind With Heart works the same way.  Shifting from fear based beliefs to Love-based Truth requires moving through a Heart that is in neutral.

So try it and see how this works for you.

I look forward to you questions and feedback, and I'll see you next time for another Mind With Heart Questions and Answers!


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