Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remote Viewing and Influencing Holiday Special

The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI) is a featured affiliate partner of (a production of Heartcompass Enterprises).

I chose Gerald O'Donnell and ARVARI as a source for remote viewing training because his is the only approach that integrates inner guidance from the Heart.  Gerald says, "You feel inner joy no matter the obstacles and you can then traverse the stormy waters of our period with a Golden Divine compass inside… Otherwise you are truly on your own and alone."

Gerald is offering his training program more than half off this year and I would like to pass on this opportunity to you here while it is available.  If you are not interested please delete this but don't unsubscribe!  There will be many more Heartcompass Secrets articles coming your way next year, with lots of free valuable tips and info for using your Heartcompass and creating A Mind With Heart!

If you are interested in developing your Remote Viewing and Influencing abilities, please read on...

Holidays 2011 Special Offer and Message

Gerald O'Donnell
Ilana Moss
Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Unprecedented Holidays 2011-2012 Special Offer and Message

Because of the Fast Pace Increase in Global Insecurity Events in the World Get the complete Remote Viewing and Complete Remote Influencing Training systems + ALL the bonus disks at an Unprecedented Discount  (Please Go to the ARVARI page at : to access this special offer - thank you, Ilana)

Hello Dear friends,

This is this time of the year when Spirit is supposed to be lauded and focused upon as a Presence, and joy called to fill our hearts. As the dark night is at its longest on this northern winter solstice, we yearn and call for the birth of the spark which will trigger the fire that will spread the Bright Light, and many families gather to feel the warmth of connection, be it for a day or two. A new year is soon to be birthed, and fresh hopes and resolutions are being concocted in our hearts.

Paradoxically, in our Westernized societies, as empty marketing for new “stuff” fills our attention and enslaves our minds, many seek and shower happiness with material gifts to friends and family, and often enough, when the artificial party is over, a sore state of loneliness ensues, gripping many souls as they feel isolated and exploited in a cold and seemingly heartless environment. We have drunk the wine of the material golden cow again and are paying the price of unconsciousness…

Psychologists have been offering all kinds of reasons for that universal seasonal phenomenon, and admit in truth not to understand fully its cause. They cannot, unless they factor in the soul and its loneliness when disconnected from Source.

I am fully aware how difficult finances have become to so many and how anxiety and a silent cry of lonely despair is settling over much of humanity.

The work I do is often silent and unknown to you. And so it should be.

I share some communications when instructed to, and their common thread is a desire to guide, prepare you, and instill a feeling of peace, as a deep connection to Source is established deep within you and you KNOW that all is and will be not only well, but glorious. You feel inner joy, no matter the obstacles and you can then traverse the stormy waters of our period with a Golden Divine compass inside… Otherwise you are truly on your own and alone.

I will, as I do every year, offer our courses at a much reduced price for the winter months. As a matter of fact this year’s special is unprecedented.

I have gifted countless of thousands of hours of personally guidance, healings, training, and advice to many since 1997. Not once have I ever asked for monetary compensation in return. Had I done so, I would have become a very wealthy man indeed in material rewards, but poor in Spirit. Many of you do know this. I have brought many from the brink of despair and often immolation of self into a glorious connection with the Divine family which they have then kept. I must admit that I feel often a bit overwhelmed.

The main purpose of our training courses is to greatly facilitate that very inner connection to Source in as few steps upon the ladder of ascension as possible. The powers offered are real and fruits to be had on the journey back home.

The countless testimonies which we have received since 1997 testify proudly to that effect. Lives have been changed, not only in manifesting financial freedom and healing, but more importantly by awakening the inner Spark which will light the fire which will bring about the Bright Light of a New Year, a new Creation.  That “miracle,” for it could only be seen as such, has been my and many of my students’ blessings. It has nothing to do with creed, beliefs, or cultural origin; it is a fact, a reality, and a quantum change which, once experienced, does not allow for a return to the dark empty ways of yonder, unless one sincerely desires to eat of the old matrix again, and try to remain its “happy slave.”

I will not reveal much, for I am in fact a very private man, but do believe me that I have not accumulated riches through this nor ever yearned for such. I am here on a mission and will complete it. The opposition has been quite formidable, unusually so. I have been wounded in more ways that you can imagine. Know that the false glitter of money and “stuff’ leaves me cold. Nevertheless, as do we all, I operate in this harsh environment and the task I undertake needs your support, for Oneness is the key to our common success.  Belatedly, and manifesting a troubling trend, pirates, thieves, and white collar thugs have hijacked much of Creation’s systems injuring its very foundations, and we have found that our courses had been pirated all over the globe and obtained in large quantities leaving us with very few bona fide orders.  I do not think that Spiritual gifts can be accessed under the guile of thieves in the night, as everything is to be revealed soon in the Light of Real dayLight, and I leave this phenomenon to be resolved as all who want to take freely and do not focus primarily on gifting shall soon be taught a difficult lesson of Oneness by Oneness Manifested.

I know that the RV/RI training is truly priceless, for its impact is permanent and ever growing as you keep engaging the Oneness and the dark veils are lifted for you.

I encourage you to take advantage of this special. I have even extended the payment plan to four months to make it much easier for you. This is truly a gift to yourself and your loved ones which will impact your and their lives for the rest of their existence. What could be more worthy that to learn the ways to the inner Spark and the small still voice?

You will have access to my advice when needed and be in close contact. I will introduce many novel ways of interacting with you very soon as 2012 is engaged and many new products. This is to be a fascinating year. I shall be so content to share the journey together with you.

You can, if you so desire, convert the training into Apple compatible media format using ITunes. We recommend using the AAC compression format. Mp3 is ok, although you will lose some brain entrainment effects. ALAC (Apple lossless) compresses the audio files without any loss of data.

(Please Go to the ARVARI page at : to access this special offer - thank you, Ilana)

I am sending you much Love to you and your loved ones and thank your for your support and for Being there as my dear friends during this most important phase of the shift which we all as the human family, are engaged in.

Happy thoughts, as always and have a happy Holiday season of Lights! Be Merry!,

Gerald O'Donnell
Founder, Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality through Time and Space.

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