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Volume 1 Number 1

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


In this week's issue -

* HeartCompass Quote of the Week
* HeartCompass Secrets: Your HeartCompass is Within You
* Navigation Tip: Taking the first step.

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Quote of the Week:

"We must connect to the Source of Well-being through the

Wayne Dyer, from The Power of Intention


HeartCompass Secrets

This week - What is your HeartCompass?

Your HeartCompass is within you!
It is your trustworthy inner guidance system, letting you
know whether you are on or off course.

You know you are on course when you experience feelings
of well-being.

Your HeartCompass is made of up three basic "parts" -

* In the center of your chest there is a focal point, or
quantum point, of life energy flow. You can feel this
life energy - it creates a sense of well - being.

* Surrounding your entire body is your heart's
electromagnetic energy field (The Heartmath Solution,
Doc Childre and Howard Martin). When you are on course,
this electromagnetic field is coherent, attracts positive
thinking, and has a beneficial effect on those around you.

* The emotional body stores emotional memories. These
memories can be accessed and used for personal growth,
or transformed if they are off course.

Next week we will begin taking a closer look at each
part of the HeartCompass, and the role each plays in
keeping you on course in life.


Navigation Tip:

The first and most demanding step to Navigating with
your HeartCompass is AWARENESS.

To navigate successfully, you must know where you are,
where you have come from, and where you want to go.

A helmsman, navigating a ship, will first chart a course.
She will then keep an eye on the compass and other
navigation equipment to stay on course and reach her

The HeartCompass Life Navigation practice enables you to chart
an appropriate course, keep an eye on your compass, and
stay on course as you enjoy the journey. It all begins

This week, take action to become more AWARE. Where have
you been, where are you now, and where do you want to go?

Next week I will share another Navigation Tip that can
help you build your AWARENESS.



Next Week:

More Quotes, Secrets, and Tips!

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