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HeartCompass Quotes:

"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing."

-- Marc Chagall




Have you ever become frustrated, even angry sometimes, trying to change your life experience by changing your thinking?

I know I did, bigtime, about four or five years ago now.

Unfortunately, there has been so much emphasis in spiritual teachings and literature on creating your reality with your thoughts.

The Truth is, thoughts do perform a very important function, giving form and structure to what would otherwise be formless energy. But thoughts cannot and do not in themselves "matter" or "materialize" anything. Ever. Period.

Thoughts are things in the same sense that blueprints for creating a building are "things". Or the same way a mold for making plastic toys and other products is a "thing".
The intended building, toys, and other products do not materialize just because the "thought" (blueprint, mold) exists. Energy must move into the intended form in order for the product to materialize and become useful.

Of course, the metaphor falls apart here because our current technologies do not allow us to pour pure energy into molds or forms creating a finished physical product (although we are getting very close...). However, the technology of Heart, Mind and Consciousness works exactly in that way.

Our Mind is an infinite storehouse of images and thoughtforms, all waiting to be chosen, activated, and fulfilled.

Our Heart is an infinite storehouse of potential energy, waiting to be released to fulfill every image and thoughtform we choose.

Without the infinite energy of the Heart, the thoughts in our Mind remain empty and useless. Together, the purpose of our Heart and Mind is to create Heaven (or Hell, as the case may be) right here on Earth.

We experience the energy of the Heart as FEELINGS.

Feelings and emotions are not the same. There are only two emotions: Love and fear (fear is Love turning inside out and upside down to create Illusion of Separation).

Depending upon which emotion we are using, and which thoughts we have chosen, unique feelings are created. Feeling moves into and fulfills the form created by thought. When the energy of Feeling moves into a thoughtform, it "materializes". Infinite potential energy collapses into what appears to be a point, creating the illusion of substance and physical reality. That is how physical life experience is made. That is how everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell around you is made!

The exact same image or thoughtform can be fulfilled with Feelings that are Love-based or fear-based, creating very different life experiences depending on which emotion is used to create the Feelings. Any thoughtform fulfilled with Love-based Feeling will create a "positive" or Loving physical experience. Any thoughtform fulfilled with fear-based Feelings will create a "negative" or fearful physical experience.

So you see, thoughts really do not matter.

But Feelings do.



Beliefs are Feelings.

Unfortunately, all beliefs are - by definition - fear-based.

To test this, choose a belief that you think is positive and loving. Now, throw just a speck of doubt on that belief. What happens?

Love-based Truth from the Heart is rock solid and stable. Nothing can disturb it. The difference between Love and fear is the difference between Truth and belief. Truth does not require repetition, corroboration, or other forms of validation. It simply exists, peacefully and without the need for anything to keep it intact.

Belief on the other hand requires constant support, defense, and feeding. It takes a lot of work and energy to maintain a belief. Truth gives us energy and power. Belief demands our energy and power, and gives us a foundation of sand in return.

The point is this:

Creating your life experience with false fear-based beliefs will lead to frustration, dissapointment, anger, and despair.

Create your life experience with Love-based Truth and you will enjoy inner peace, health, well-being and true abundance and posperity. Not to mention, of course, Love.

How do you do this?

Fortunately, human consciousness has entered an era where replacing fear-based beliefs with Love-based Truth is becoming easier and easier. In fact, much of it is occuring in our dream state while we are asleep!

You can help the process along with time-honored techniques like meditation and yoga.

To help you with this process I have created a video (below) called "A Daily Prayer For Peace of Mind".

The meditation audio in the video will put you into a relaxed state of mind. The Prayer is intended to support the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System, but can be used successfully alone. If you still haven't taken advantage of the free eCourse and eBook that will teach you how to use the LifeNav System,


Featured Video: A Daily Prayer for Peace of Mind

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