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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
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HeartCompass Quote:

"The heart holds answers the brain refuses to see."

-- Rob Kall




What if it were possible to be separate?

Separate from God, separate from others, separate from anything?

The illusion of separation makes possible everything we
experience in this physical Universe.

The illusion of separation must be persistent enough so that we
can forget, for a while, who we really are, and why we are here.
If it were not persistent, belief could not happen, and then the
illusion would cease to exist.

My favorite TV show these days is something called "Life On Mars"
on ABC here in the United States (just in case you are sitting
in Australia, or the UK, or South Africa right now reading this,
you can watch it online at ). It's about a cop in
New York City who gets knocked unconscious and wakes up in the
year 1973. Aside from loving that 70's music, I love that the
story lines explore the questions, "Why am I here? How did I get here?
Who am I? and Is this real?" Those are the existential questions
most people get around to somewhere in their lifetime. What I
love about "Life On Mars" is that it suggests, indirectly, that
the main character, Sam Tyler, is in fact his MIND!

Now, they don't come right out and say this (at least not yet)
but they hint at it. They let the viewer draw their own
conclusions. And I like that. So to me, it's clear. He must
be living in his own mind.

You may have been taught that you see the world with your eyes,
hear it with your ears, and feel it with your fingertips.
The truth is, you see, hear, and touch the world with your Mind.

The mind is a holographic projector, and holographic perceiver
of all that it projects.

What we experience in this physical Universe is the programmed
response of the Mind that is answering the Question:

What if it were possible to be separate?



We are all beginning to wake up and realize that, in truth,
it's not possible to be separate. Everything is connected,
All is One.

What this realization is doing to us is changing the way we
see the world, the physical Universe, that we see with our mind.

It changes the way we see ourselves in it, and the ways we
choose to think and behave.

We have moments of lucidity, and flashes of insight, when we
see that what we think is real is in fact a passing image of
fantasy, like the images we see on TV or in the movie theatre,
albeit so persistent that we believe the images are real.

Waking up to the illusion of separation is, at first, like waking
up inside a dream...what we call "lucid" dreaming. First, you
realize you are dreaming. Then, you begin to direct and take
control of the dream. Finally, when the dream is over, you
"wake up". Then, you begin to realize that what you saw, heard,
and felt in the dream seems just as real as the "real" life you
are living now. It's just not as persistent.

There is a level of consciousness that is more "persistent" than
the level of mind that creates the illusion of separation. It is
what we "know" as our spirit, or soul, the non-physical (or
meta (beyond) physical) that directs and observes and actually
lives the life created by our mind.

Letting go of the beliefs that shape an unreal world does not
involve any loss of any kind. Rather, it allows us to have "lucid"
dreams at first, and then to wake up to a world more real than
any we've ever known.


Featured Video: The Unity Of Spirit And Matter

This is a delightful little movie that explores the nature of
consciousness and physical experience. I like the cartoonish
animations, combined with more sober examinations of
where we've been, who we are, and where we might go.

The link below will take you to YouTube, where you can watch
the movie trailer and decide if you would like to see the whole
film. I thought the last part was the best...


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