Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heart Centered Group Healing POWER

Vol. 2015 No. 005

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation System:

A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that can redirect the mind with inner guidance from the Heart.


In this week's issue -

* Healing Message From A Mind With Heart

* HeartCompass Secrets: Heart Centered Group Power

* Life Navigation Tip: Join the Foundation for Creating a Mind With Heart


Healing Message From A Mind With Heart:

Each of us has a core fear based belief that keeps us grounded in the Illusion of Separation we call "physical reality"...or "life".

That core fear based belief is that each of us is separate, a unique individual, alone.

The Truth about this core belief is hidden in the lie.

Alone = All One

We are, in Truth, All One.


HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS:  Heart Centered Group Power

I recently participated in an online group Compassion Key healing with Edward Mannix.

The Compassion Key is a powerful self directed compassion technique that can identify and heal memories and feelings that we have carried with us for a lifetime - or maybe several lifetimes.

I called in to the seminar, eager to be one of the few Edward would work with one on one - within the context of the group call.

Even though I have experienced mind blowing results when I use the Key and/or the Heartcompass Life Navigation System by myself, I just knew in my Heart that there was something important about getting together in groups. Something BIG!

I've read about the effect of group meditation and intention at Lynn McTaggart's blog and website (What Doctors Don't Tell You, and The Intention Experiment), and at Heartmath's Global Coherence Initiative.  But even though I participated in group intentions and global coherence events, I just wasn't feeling it.

So I called in to the Compassion Key event and "raised my hand".  I was one of only three people who received personal attention.  Edward asked what I thought needed healing the most in my life right now. I was experiencing conflict with my "on again, off again" boyfriend, so I decided to work on that.

The result was a deep healing in my ability to receive love.

If you read the last issue of Heartcompass Secrets, you might remember I took an online Chakra test and was startled to find my lower Chakras were closed and weak (my Third Eye and Crown were strong, fortunately!) During the Compassion Key healing I felt powerful energy flowing down through my Crown Chakra, into my Heart and lower Chakras, and finally grounding me into the Earth.

The point is, even though I had attempted to do this kind of healing alone, it was not until I asked for help and joined a group that I experienced incredible success!

I have read articles about the power of group energy.  It turns out that groups magnify energy in an exponential way.

In other words, if two people achieve "resonance" with each other, the power between them in not just doubled - it is SQUARED. Using the chart of "Power vs Force", if two people are resonant at the level of Love (500 on a scale of zero to 1000), their combined power is not 1000, but 500 squared (500x500=250,000).

That's why, when two people "fall in Love" the energy they exude is off the charts!

The same is true when two or more people come together for healing purposes.

Now, everyone in the group does not have to be at the same level of power of energy for results to be felt. But have you ever noticed, as a group meditation or healing session goes on, the energy increases and becomes palpable?

EVERYONE in the group is raised up in vibration and benefits from this kind of activity!

Which is why I created the Foundation for Creating a Mind With Heart, and my online Course, the "Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover", which includes Group Coaching.

The Foundation, the Course, and the Group Coaching bring people together. Joining the Foundation, enrolling in the Course, and participating in Group Coaching allows you to access and benefit from the exponential effect that occurs as each one of us in the various groups moves into higher vibrations - rising up from the lower vibrations of "force" to the higher vibrations of "power".

At first, the difference might be subtle or even unnoticeable (as it was for me when I participated in the Intention Experiment and Global Coherence).

But eventually, when the time is right, you will be lifted up. And when that happens it will transform how you experience the power of joining together with others in groups.

I remember hearing about this when I studied Kabbalah. Those who studied together on a regular basis reported amazing experiences of enlightenment and upliftment to God. They said it was the only way. We just can't get there alone, at least not anymore. There may have been a time when an individual could go off into the desert and commune with God. But now, it seems we need each other to accomplish this miracle.

With this new insight and experience, I feel more compelled than ever to promote the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart (joining is free), the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover Course (get a members discount coupon when you join the Foundation) and the Group Coaching Option which is included in the Course.

I used to work exclusively one on one with clients, and they experienced outstanding results.  But my "inner voice" has been guiding me to work with groups for the past couple of years, and now I understand why.

We need to accelerate the process of Creating A Mind With Heart for the World.

There is no doubt that a Mind With Heart is taking hold in this World. There is evidence for it everywhere - in how we think, feel, act, and the accelerating pace of personal spiritual development and awareness.

If you feel guided by your own inner voice, please join us today, and help raise the vibration of humanity. Help us create a Mind With Heart for the World!



Join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart (it's free).
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Join now and start creating A Mind With Heart for the World!



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