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* HeartCompass Secrets: The Heart<>eartH Connection

* LifeNavigation Tip: Reconnecting Your Heart<>eartH.

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HeartCompass Quotes:

"What truly brings happiness is our connection with others and living in harmony with our surroundings, feeling a part of this glorious Universe. And that's something we can all achieve, no matter where we live. "

Rochelle Gordon




April 22, 2010 marked the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

By now, most of us are aware of the impact human consumption is having upon our planet.

Things like global warming, air and water pollution, landfills, toxic waste, and the social and political affects such as wars and terrorism.

The focus of Earth Day tends to be upon the physical impact of our choices and behaviors.

But I learned long ago that the way people choose to treat the Earth does not begin with actions and behaviors. Actions and behaviors are preceded by thoughts that are empowered with emotion. Bottom line, it is what's in our Hearts that makes all the difference in how we treat ourselves, each other, and of course the Earth.

The Earth is like a mirror or reflection of what's going on in the human Heart. In the English language the words "Heart<>eartH" are obviously reflections of each other. This is not just a coincidence.

Researchers like Bruce Lipton, PhD have discovered that electromagnetic signals from the human Heart activate DNA in the cells of the human body, telling them what to do and how to behave. NASA has discovered that sending a human body out into space results in a breakdown of certain cell functions. Apparently our cells need the elctromagnetic signals of the Earth to function properly. Finally, it has also been proven that the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and the human Heart influence one another.

The human Heart needs the Earth, and the Earth needs the human Heart!



This month's Featured Video (below, after the LifeNavigation Tip) is one I created to share a technique I have been using recently for healing Heart and Earth.

I call it the Quantum Heart. It uses Quantum Touch and some other energy healing methods I've studied and practiced over the years.

In this video I explain why you cannot heal yourself, other individuals, or solve global crises without addressing the "environment" in which we are embedded - specifically, the energy field of the Earth.

Research such as The Intention Experiment, Global Coherence Initiative, and others are demonstrating that human thought and emotion does influence planetary health and well being.

If you would like to participate by reconnectingg the human Heart<>eartH then I invite you to watch the Featured Video, "Quantum Heart".

Practice this simple technique and know that you are making a difference!


Featured Video:

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