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Spiritual Life Of Butterflies

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HeartCompass Quote:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you
something else is the greatest accomplishment."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
U.S. Poet, essayist and transcendentalist



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: Spiritual Life Of Butterflies

Way back in 2002 (it just seems so long ago!) I was online
researching the best home business opportunities. I came across
a news article, and it listed 50 of the "best". Most were
opportunities I'd already heard of, and rejected for various
reasons. Then, I came across one that just jumped off the page.

It was (drum roll, please)...Butterfly Ranching!

Yes, butterflies!

I'd never heard of such a thing, so I clicked and read the story
about Butterfly Ranchers; what they do, how they do it, and how
much money they make, Not bad.

Maybe I should point out here that I have a Bachelor's Degree in
Natural Resources and environmental education. I love "nature",
and what could be more natural than a butterfly? I'm also
passionate about the "spiritual" aspect of things and, well, what
could be more spiritual than...a butterfly?

Butterflies. The premier metaphor for "transformation". Even
though the transformation of a butterfly - from egg, to larvae,
to pupae, to butterfly - is physical, it still holds tremendous
wisdom concerning transformation at the spiritual level, as well.

Needless to say, I ordered the "Butterfly Ranchers Manual", and
learned how to raise butterflies.

I was very good at it, by the way. Where others seemed to struggle
to create environments where the butterflies would flourish and
breed, I just seemed to have a knack for it. And the butterflies
loved me. And I loved them.

I raised thousands of butterflies over the course of three years,
and they taught me more than I ever could have imagined.

Here, in a nutshell, is what I learned about "The Spiritual Life
of Butterflies":

* First of all, the life cycle of a butterfly is a circle. The circle
is the symbol of perfect oneness or wholeness. And that's where
all life begins.

* Because the life cycle of a butterfly is a circle, we could begin
anywhere, but I will begin with the egg. The egg stage of the
butterfly is analagous to the Child stage of the human spirit. This
is the time in life before Ego has taken control of the mind, and
the baby or child is innocent and dependent upon parents for guidance.
When the egg hatches, the caterpillar emerges, and the "eating" or
Ego stage begins.

* The caterpillar stage of the butterfly is like the Ego stage of the
human, and usually begins with adolescence. In this stage of growth,
both physical and spiritual, it is all about eating and growing. In
the human, of course, this "eating" consists of more than just food.
It is everything physical that the human experiences. In the Ego
stage of growth, humans "eat" experience like a caterpillar eats leaves!

* When the caterpillar eats and grows as big as it can get, it stops
eating and becomes restless. It knows something big is about to happen,
but of course it has no idea what. A caterpillar has no idea what a
butterfly is, nor that it will become a butterfly, nor any idea how
to do it. So it does the only thing it knows how to do. It climbs to
the top of a plant, attaches itself to the plant, hangs upside down,
and sheds its skin. This is the Pupae stage, the stage where the
body of the caterpillar dissolves into goo and is magically transformed
into a beautiful butterfly! Humans, who have fulfilled the Ego stage
completely and no longer find satisfaction in consuming life experiences,
enter the spiritual "pupae" stage. In this stage, "God" takes over,
dissolves the human into spiritual "goo", and transforms this "goo"
into a beautiful, free, nectar-sipping butterfly.

* The final stage, emergence of the butterfly, depends upon how
successful the first three stages have been. If the egg is healthy,
and hatches on abundant food plants, it will eat, get very big,
and there will be plenty of material for making a butterfly in the
pupae stage. A big healthy butterfly will have no problem emerging
from the pupae shell, and will be strong and able to fly when it
emerges. However, if the egg is not healthy, is laid on the wrong
kind of plant or in a hostile environment, if the caterpillar does
not eat and get big...then the butterfly may never form properly,
or it may be small or weak when it emerges. The final stage of human
spiritual development, what we sometimes call self-realization or
maybe "enlightenment" (and what could be "lighter" than a delicate
butterfly?) depends upon the successful completion of all previous
stages, including the caterpillar (Ego) stage. A big, fat caterpillar
makes a big, healthy butterfly!

So what, if anything, does any of this have to do with your
Heartcompass and LifeNavigation?



Humans deal with the Ego stage in a number of ways, depending upon
where they are born and the resources available to them.

In some cultures the Ego is seen as something "evil" to be rejected and
overcome. Desire in this type of society is seen also as "evil" or
"bad", and people in these societies (mostly because there just isn't
all that much to "eat") attempt to grow spiritually by overcoming the
ego and desire. If they succeed, then God can indeed take over and
transform the human caterpillar into a butterfly.

But in other cultures, where material resources are abundant and there
is lots of "food", individuals may choose the "big Ego" path to
transformation. Big Ego, like big caterpillar, can become a big,
healthy, happy butterfly - but only if the caterpillar, or Ego mind,
stops eating and hangs itself upside down and allows God to take over!

So how do you know if, and when, it's time to "pupate"?

If you have been in the Ego stage long enough (and it can take many
lifetimes to fill that appetite!) then you will reach the place
where "eating" just doesn't do it for you anymore. You begin to
feel restless. You "have it all", and yet something, the most
important thing, seems to be missing. That's when you know it's

In the Ego stage, the Heartcompass will guide you to fulfill your
desires and become a big, fat caterpillar.

When the Ego stage is satisfied, and eating is no longer enough,
the Heartcompass will reorient itself and, with your intention, it
will begin to redirect your Mind to a new Source - what we call
"God", or any other name we choose to call All That Is.

When this happens, Source takes over, and transforms all the "stuff"
of the caterpillar (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, etc.) into what I
call "A Mind With Heart" - a mind guided by Love, and free to fly
and sip sweet nectar.

A Mind With Heart is a mind guided by Love itself. The world created
by such a mind can only be experienced by the Spiritual Butterfly.
It is something the caterpillar cannot imagine, but it is always
destined for. So, while in the caterpillar stage, EAT! : )



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