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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the

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HeartCompass Quote:

"In times of change, learners inherit the Earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists."

-- Eric Hoffer




Normally I like to write and publish the Heartcompass Secrets
on a Saturday. But for some reason I felt it "wasn't ready",
so I waited.

I checked my email, and wouldn't you know it... there were three
or four emails, all about meditation and transformation!
(I learned that "transform" means to "go beyond" (trans) form.)

If you read the last issue of Secrets and Tips you recall it was
about the spiritual metaphor of the butterfly life cycle.
If you didn't read it, I raised thousands of butterflies over
the course of three years, and became very intimate with this
particular metaphor.

The life cycle itself is a circle (perfect wholeness), the egg
is like the child (depends on parents for guidance), the
caterpillar is the Ego stage (eating!), the pupa is the time
for surrender and transformation, and the butterfly emerges!

Last week I emphasized the caterpillar, or Ego stage.

This stage is very well supported in modern western culture. It's
all about consuming. We all live in an economy where people are
defined and seen as "consumers". And in the Ego stage that is,
in fact, what we must do. (It's not what we are, but it is what
we do in this phase.)

But what happens when the caterpillar is done eating? Where do
we go, and what can we do when we get that "been there, done that,
what's missing?" feeling?

In Elizabeth Gilbert's novel "Eat, Pray, Love" (available online
at Amazon) she describes her own year-long journey where she seems
to embody the spiritual transformation I witnessed over and over
again in the butterflies. First, she goes to Italy and EATS all
the good food she can find (and gains 24 pounds in four months!).
Then, she goes to India, lives in an Ashram, and "pupates" (my
term, not hers) or MEDITATES and PRAYS. Finally, she goes to the
beautiful island of Bali, and there she "emerges and spreads
her wings" (as I see it) and finds LOVE.

It's a good story, and I enjoyed the book. But for me it raises
the question...
most of us in modern society have money to consume
things, but how many of us can drop everything for several months
and live in an Ashram? (that is, pupate?) One week vacations might
give us a break from work, but they are still consumer oriented.
When it's time to hang ourselves upside down, shed our skin,
and let God turn us into mush and then butterflies...what are we
supposed to DO??



In western culture, the need to transform can sometimes lead to
crisis...divorce, loss of a job or home, illness, etc.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

It is possible, and I think preferable, to be aware of the need
to "pupate" when the time comes, and to take steps to let this
happen, while maintaining a healthy and reasonable lifestyle.

Some people use meditation, and have found ways to incorporate
a time-consuming discipline into busy lives. Others use sound
and sacred geometry, listening to CD's and/or watching animated
geometric shapes. The Institute of Heartmath has created
effective tools to use on the computer, to help people still
the mind and access the Heart.

The Heartcompass LifeNavigation system was created to meet the
needs of busy people, living in an Ego oriented, caterpillar
supporting world. When I first introduced the System, it utilized
journaling. When I received feedback that this was too time
consuming, I asked my own inner guidance what else could be done?
One morning, I woke up and the LifeNavigation Kit was in my head,
fully formed. I went out and bought the parts, started using it,
tried it on friends and family, and the results were, without
exception, extraordinary.

You can take the online Course, put together your own Kit, and
start using it right away. But if you prefer some help and
support, or have a busy lifesyle, premade Kits and one-on-one
Teaching/Training are available...



Redirect Your Mind...

...with Inner Guidance from the Heart.

Pre-made LifeNavigation Kits and Coaching are available to meet
the needs of your busy lifestyle. To get yours click the
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