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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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HeartCompass Quote:

"Happiness is a direction, not a place."

Sydney J. Harris




Your Heartcompass is there to tell you, in any moment, whether
the direction of thought you have chosen (or stumbled upon, as
the case may be) is On or Off Course for you.

Happiness is that feeling your Heart will send to you when
you are choosing thought (whether in the form of words, images,
or just a state of being) that is pointing you in the "direction"
of Truth.

Truth is your highest Self.

Your "highest" Self, or what I prefer to call the highest aspect
of Self (because it is all one, continuous "Self" after all)
is with you constantly, always available to give the guidance
and direction you might need as you navigate life in what we
call the physical Universe.

The highest aspect of Self IS Happiness.

That is why, whenever you point yourself in the direction of
Love, Life, Truth and Light (the qualities of the highest aspect
of Self) you will feel Happiness.

Without this guidance, you would exist in a sea of possibilities
without a clue as to which direction to take. When you let
your Heartcompass guide you, when you listen to the signals it
is sending you, you can experience a sense of confidence,
peace, and safety that is otherwise not available to you.

If it is Happiness you desire, then remember that what you are
seeking is the highest aspect of your Self...your spirit, or
your Soul as you may call it. Point your mind in the direction
of Truth, and you will always be heading in the direction of
Happiness, and peace, and Love, and joy.



One of my teacher's once said that FAITH stands for "Find
Answers In The Heart".

The Heart is where we can turn to discover whether what is in
our mind is based on Truth, or on illusion.

What is in your mind is being mirrored back to you in the
physical Universe. If what you see is beauty, peace, abundance
and Love, then you can be sure that this is a reflection of what
you hold in your own mind. Just be careful to remind yourself
that your mind is creating the reflection, and not the other way
around. Even more importantly, be careful to remind yourself
that it is You that has given your mind its direction, and not
the other way around!

If what you see is anything less than joyful, peaceful,
and Loving, then you can be sure that the the thoughts in
your mind are based on illusions, or what is not Truth,
and therefore away from your highest Self and therefore
away from Happiness.

The purpose of your physical experience is simply this:
to remember Who and What you Really Are, and to know once and
for all time that separation is an illusion. You already
know this. You are here to experience what you already know!

Recognize any fear-based, unhappy thoughts as the lies that they
are. Then, ask your Heart for the Truth. It will be Happy to
tell you!



Redirect Your Mind...

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