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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
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metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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HeartCompass Quote:

"The only thing that matters
is what is in your Heart."

Larry Napier
Living From The Heart




Bruce Lipton, author of "Biology of Belief", is a neuroscientist
who discovered that our fate is not detemined by our genes.

Our DNA, genetics, or "genes", are blueprints of information,
waiting to be put into motion by signals from the environment.
The nature of the signal received detemines which genes or DNA
sequences are activated, and that determines what kind of cells
are reproduced.

Bruce Lipton said, "Life is movement." He said this because he
discovered that it is only when protein molecules, the building
blocks of life, are "moved" or "activated" by environmental
signals that life processes can occur (and, by the way, that
includes thinking and feeling!).

One of the most powerful and perhaps meaningful sources of "signals"
from the environment comes from the Heart. The HeartMath Institute
is a scientific community that has done extensive research on the
Heart, and has developed many useful products and educational
programs to relieve stress and enhance human performance.

One of HeartMath's most important discoveries was the detection
of the magnetic field generated by the Heart, which completely
surrounds the human body. Even more interesting has been the
discovery that this magnetic field is much larger, and more
powerful, than the magnetic field generated by the brain.

The Heart is constantly sending "signals" to the body (including
the brain) that activates the movement of cells in the body
that brings about the processes of life. It is NOT the brain
that is creating this motion, it is the Heart.

Larry Napier (Living From The Heart) says, "The head thinks,
and the Heart moves you." You can test this for yourself.
Here's how I started exploring this phenomena;

I was lying in bed one morning, having just awoken,
and I was about to get out of bed. But before I did, I decided
to try a little experiment.

In my head, I thought about getting out of bed,
putting on my slippers, going to the kitchen, and making a
pot of coffee. In my head I could imagine and see this clearly.
But no matter how hard I tried, I could not make myself get
out of bed and carry out these activities by directing my body
with my mind.

Next, I got out of bed and did the things I had imagined.
I paid attention to my body to try and figure out where
the source of motion was coming from.

At first, I really had no idea. It just seemed to happen on its own.
But I knew this wasn't possible. Something was moving and directing
my body to get out of bed and make coffee, but what was it?

When I listened to Larry Napier give his lecture on the Heart,
it suddenly became obvious. I put my attention on my Heart,
and felt what happened when I lifted my hand off my desk. The
signals to move my hand were clearly coming from the Heart.
I could feel the energy in my Heart as my hand moved.

This, to me, was an exciting discovery! I could think and plan
and contemplate all day with my head, but it's the Heart that
causes movement, and Movement Is Life!

Your Heart really IS the source of your life. To live life to
the fullest, to experience all the joy and happiness that can
be yours, you really must know what is in your Heart. Knowing
what is in your Heart gives direction to your Mind, and creates
life that is based on Love.



The choices you make, the actions you take, and the events and
circumstances you experience in the physical world, are a result
of what is in your Heart.

If you think fear-based thoughts, and fill your Heart with fear,
then you will experience fear-based choices, actions, and events.

But if you allow your Heart to take its rightful place, directing
the Mind, and filling it with Love-based thoughts, then you will
experience Loving choices, actions, and events. You will
experience happiness, health, joy, and prosperity in every area
of your life. You will experience Life.

Using the Heartcompass processes can help you discover what is
in your Heart, identify and let go of fear-based thinking, and
allow the Heart to fill your Mind with Love-based thought.

If your Heart moves you, I hope you will take these actions.
I hope you experience LIFE.

Featured Video: Ultimate Question: Living From The Heart


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