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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the

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HeartCompass Quote:

"In the new days, once a critical mass of people have made a shift
into heart awareness, life will be quite different for everyone.
All of these benefits, and many more, are earned through systematically
learning to focus on, listen to, and follow your heart."

-Doc Childre and Howard Martin,




That aspect of "Mind" that we sometimes call "subconscious mind"
exists outside of time and space. It cannot be perceived by
the physical senses. But we do "experience" its effects.

The Subconscious Mind was created to answer the Question:
"What if it were possible to be separate?"
Separate from God, from each other, from everything?

Of course, the answer to that Question is, "Impossible!"
To be separate from God, the Source of All That Is
would be to not exist. And the result of that would be,

So what is this Subconsious Mind, and how does it impact our
seemingly individual lives?

In some ways, the Subconsious Mind is like a giant computer, one
that has been programmed to generate an infinite number of
possiblities in a duality Universe. By duality we mean big-small,
short-tall, wealth-poverty, beautiful-ugly, male-female, etc.
etc. etc.... and every gradation of all these possibilities in
between the polar opposites.

It does this, like a computer, with no concern as to the nature
or effects of what it is generating. It just does what it was
made to do, automatically, without interuption, for as long as
it exists...which is basically, being outside of time and space,

Now, let's take just a moment to look at that aspect of Mind
we call "Conscious".

This is the aspect of the Mind that exists in time and space, and
is made to perceive and project a holographic image of what the
Subconsious Mind is generating. To really get a grasp on this
concept I highly recommend that you visit A Mind With Heart Channel
on YouTube, and watch the video on Perception. It does a good job of
illustrating how the Mind is working on a Subconscious and Conscious

It is important to remember that you are NOT your Conscious Mind.

If the Subconscious Mind is like a computer, generating signals,
and the Conscious Mind is, let's say, like the monitor taking
those signals and making images and sounds from them, then you
are the Observer who is watching all of it happen. The Observer
is the Soul, that aspect of Self that is eternal and Loving.

And that's where the Heart comes in to all of this.

Without the Heart, the Subconscious and Conscious Mind are just
machines, without feeling, creating without awareness and without
purpose or meaning.

Heart, which is connected to Source (or God) can give the Mind
direction, thereby creating in ways that are meaningful and,
ultimately, Loving.

A Mind without Heart is like a computer, just a machine generating
signals, just doing what it was made to do (not mindlessly, but

Fortunately, you do have a Mind with Heart. Learn to listen to
your Heart, and it will direct your Mind...



...with Inner Guidance from your Heart.

If you haven't yet taken the f*ree Heartcompass LifeNavigation
, why not give it a try? I've had nothing but positive
feedback from people who've taken the Course, and have been
told that more than a few lives have actually been changed (or
even "saved" in some cases). At the very least, it's an easy
and delightful read with lots of pretty pictures, too!

And here's some Really Good News:

In October I will begin again to teach the Heartcompass
LifeNavigation process. I have just a few LifeNavigation
Kits available right now, and I only ship them to people
who take one-on-one coaching with me personally. I do
this because I know from much experience that without personal
contact, support, and accountability, those Kits will end
up on a shelf somewhere, not being used. And they are much
too valuable to deserve such a fate!

The Kit and five half-hour Coaching Sessions with me (it takes
five weekly sessions to form the habit of using the Kit) will
cost just $249 and comes, of course, with a money-back
guarantee. If you are at all interested, please send me an
email, and I will contact you as soon as I am ready to begin
teaching and personal coaching in October. There's no obligation,
just let me know if you are at all interested...

Lots of Love&Gratitude,



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