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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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HeartCompass Quote:

"Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes
and open my heart."

-Myla Kabat-Zinn



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: The Heartcompass Story (or My Story...)

I would like to invite you now to take a moment of your time
and read the story of how the Heartcompass LifeNavigation
process came into existence.

This story is a perfect example of how we receive inspiration,
new thoughts, and new ideas apparently "out of nowhere" when in
fact these are coming to us through the Heart.

If you've read the Heartcompass online iCourse and learned the
LifeNavigation process, you might think that I studied the Law
of Attraction, metphysical science and quantum physics extensively
before "inventing" or "creating" the Heartcompass process.

Actually, the exact opposite is true!

Although I had been introduced very briefly to the teachings of
Abraham-Hicks and the law of attraction, and learned how to make
a "vision board" when I joined a network marketing organization,
that was the total extent of my "education" at the time the
Heartcompass LifeNav process "popped" into my head. I literally
woke up one morning with the entire process complete in my head,
and I had done nothing to invent or create it myself. I had
simply expressed, through my Heart, the desire for a means to
find and choose the thoughts and beliefs that would create a life
that would make me happy.

Before I was introduced (by a well meaning friend) to Abraham, and
before I was motivated by my network marketing mentors to want
more (more money, a bigger house, better cars, travel, cloths,
financial freedom, the sky's the limit!!!) I was what we now call
an "unconscious competent" manifestor. Without knowing why or
how I did it, things I wanted just always seemed to come my way.

There was a saying amongst my friends and family members, "What
Ilana wants, Ilana gets". And it was true. And there was a bit
of bitterness and jealousy from them at times because it just
wasn't that easy for my friends and family.

Whereas they always seemed to have to work hard and settle for
what they could get, I would simply set my sights on what I wanted
and I almost always had a ton of fun in the process of getting it.
I couldn't explain how I did it, and sometimes I felt guilty or alone
because the people I was closest to were unable to experience
what was just normal life for me.

Several events then occured in my life that moved me out of the
"unconscious competent" phase and into the "conscious incompetent"
phase of deliberate life manifestation.

One event was listening to Abraham-Hicks tapes (loaned by that
well meaning friend) and learning that my thoughts create my reality.
I started to wonder at that time if I might use my thoughts to
create some of the things I had been told (by parents, teachers,
siblings, friends,the media, etc. etc. etc.) would make me happy
(even though I knew deep in my heart I never really wanted any of
those things). Things like lots and lots of money, a big house
with nice furniture and decorations, expensive cars, fancy cloths,
world travel, and all the other consumer goods we are taught to
pursue in the never ending pursuit of happiness.

The second event was joining a network marketing company, where
I attended meetings and learned that my lack of desire for all
of these wonderful things (especially money) was a symptom of
my "poverty consciousness" and could be overcome. I started to
make "vision boards" with pictures of all these things, and worked
hard at my network marketing business expecting to make a lot
of money and be able to buy all of those things.

But the "main event", which actually preceded and continued into
the Abraham and networking marketing experiences, was a failing
marriage and the critical error I made when I sought advice from
others (mom, friends, counselors) instead of doing what had
always worked for me; following my own heart.

My marriage was failing for many reasons of course, but the one
my husband complained about most at the time was what he
perceived as a constant state of "not enough money".

I did not understand this, and I told him so, because I always had
enough money for what I really wanted. So I asked him, if he
wanted more money why didn't he just go out and get more?

At first this seemed to work, because he went back to school and
got a much higher paying job with the government. But that
wasn't enough. He wanted me to make more money as well, even
though I was very happy working at a job I loved (I was a
producer at a public TV station at the time). That's what
inspired me to join the network marketing company. I would
get very rich, make my husband happy, and we would live
happily ever after (I also gave up public TV and moved into
commercial TV). This was also how I came across the Abraham
tapes. My well meaning friend, intending to help, loaned me
the tapes so I could learn how to attract lots of money,
save my marriage, and be happy again.

If you've read this far you have probably figured out by
now that none of it worked. The Abraham tapes, the vision
boards, the network marketing...all of it to try and please
my husband so he would stay with me and maintain an illusion
of a happy family that didn't even really exist. As a result
my husband did finally leave (he married a girl from the
office and together they bought a big house, nice cars, and
they go to Mexico a couple of times each year).

At the time, this seemed like the ultimate tragedy, and I
was beside myself in grief and despair. None of the stuff
I had learned had worked, and I asked "God" in desperation
to show me something that I could use to find my way and
be happy again.

That's when I woke up in the morning and had the Heartcompass
and Lifenavigation process in my head in one piece. I went
out that day and purchased the office materials (same as the
materials list in the iCourse) and started using it right
away. I didn't need any instruction. It just seemed to come
to me out of nowhere, and I did not doubt it.

At first, I used the process to work on my thoughts and
beliefs about my husband. The relief was immediate and
profound! I was able to navigate through the divorce and
separation in a way that worked for me, and allowed me
to regain some inner peace and well being.

Next, I used the process on my diagnosed PTSD (post
traumatic stress disorder). My parents are Holocaust
survivors, and when I sought counseling during the
divorce I also discovered the PTSD. Cognitive therapy
just seemed like more of "others telling me what to
think", so I opted to use the Heartcompass with incredible
effective results.

I started using the Heartcompass in all areas: health,
relationships, and "stuff" including money.

Health problems I had struggled with for many years
were resolved, my ability to empathize and have
compassion for others soared. I'm finally coming to
grips with my inner conflicts around money, and material
things we buy with money.

When I started teaching and training others, including
therapists and counselors, I was even more amazed at
the results. I watched people's lives change, watched
them become more peaceful, happy, and successful,
right before my very eyes. I had no doubt at all what
I would be doing with the rest of my life!

It was only AFTER I experienced the effectiveness of the
Heartcompass that I felt driven to learn the scientific,
spiritual, and metaphysical principles that help to
explain how it works. I LOVE learning this stuff!
But the bottom line is this:

No one, and no thing, outside your "self" (and by that
I mean your soul or spirit) can tell you who you are
and what will make you happy. The truth can only be
found within. And it cannot be found in the mind.
The mind must discover the truth in your Heart. Only
then do we move to the ultimate level of reality,
that of the "Conscious Competent" creator.



This week's tip is really short: watch the Featured Video
and hear what Gregg Braden has to say about "thoughts,
feelings, emotions, beliefs", and the role of the Heart.


Featured Video: Gregg Braden: Science of Miracles part 4/7

"Thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs"

All seven parts of this series can be watched on Youtube
and I highly recommend it! Gregg Braden's books, videos,
and audios will of course be available in the Online Mall
For A Mind With Heart, opening in early 2009.


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