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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
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HeartCompass Quote:

"Love is that force which draws all things to itself,
for the purpose of becoming more."

Guy Finley
Life of Learning Foundation




Your Emotional Body is not physical.

It is composed purely of energy - emotional energy, in the
form of memories.

Emotional memories seek your attention by attracting to you
situations, experiences, and circumstances that cause you
to remember those stored emotional memories. They seek
your attention because they need to be let go of, to move
on (that's why the word "motion" is in emotion!).

If you ignore these attention getting situations and
experiences, your emotional body will seek your attention
with physical symptoms, such as aches, pains, or even
serious illness.

Because these symptoms, situations and emotions are painful,
we tend to do what we can to avoid or get rid of them. But
that just makes things worse. There is a better way.

As Guy Finley has stated in the quote above, taken from a talk
I attended at his Retreat Center, "Love is the force that attracts all
things to itself to become more". "All things" includes
emotional energy such as fear, anger, or loneliness. Why would Love
attract such energy to itself? Because Love is the most
powerful force in the Universe, and when Love attracts fear
or any other negative emotional energy to itself, it totally absorbs
that energy and creates --- more Love!

Now read this week's Navigation Tip to find out how you
can use Love to attract and trasform any negative emotional
memory into a positive force for your life...



There is nothing in the Universe - absolutely nothing -
that can withstand the transformational power of the
force of Love.

I am not speaking here of the "feeling" of love, or being
in love. Those are forms of emotion. True Love is a
force - the most powerful force in the Universe.

Whenever a negative emotion appears in your experience,
it is trying to tell you that there is a part of yourself
that is in need of the transformational force of Love.

If you see it this way, you will begin to treat your emotions
the way you treat a potted plant in your home. If the soil
is dry, you water it. If it needs a little fertilizer, you
feed it. The reward is a beautiful, healthy plant and maybe
even lovely flowers!

Too often, when we feel positive emotions we believe we
must control and hold on to the event we believe created
that emotion. That's like overwatering a plant. Eventually,
it will die.

And when we feel negative emotions, we believe we must change
the circumstance or event that we believe created those
emotions. The real tragedy happens when we cannot change
the event or circumstance. Then we are really stuck with
that negative emotion! (Meanwhile the plant goes unwatered,
and again it will die!)

But if we acknowledge our emotions as the indicators they
truly are - as the call to our Heart that they are intended
to be - then our Heart will deliver the force of Love that
will transform them, and create ever more Love in our lives!

What parts of yourself are calling out for your attention?
What parts of yourself are in darkness, pain, or suffering?

Let your emotions tell you where you need to direct the
force of Love in your life, and let the force of Love attract
and draw these emotions to itself so it can transform them.

All happy, healthy, truly successful people on the planet
know this - that True Love is the most powerful force in
the Universe. Allow it into your life, and watch fear,
doubt, frustration and loneliness dissolve and become a
source of strength, happiness and peace in your life!



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