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FREE WILL, The Power To Choose

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"The winds are always on the side of the ablest navigators."
-Edward Gibbon



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: Free Will: Power to Choose

It has been said that what sets Humans apart from the rest of
the animal kingdom is FREE WILL, or our power to choose.

But what kind of choices are we talking about here?

We might choose what clothing to wear, what to eat, whether to
walk up the stairs or take the elevator. All of these choices
have an impact on how our life unfolds, but is that really
what makes us Human?

Humanity seems to be set apart in our ability to choose our
thoughts. No other species, that we know of, has the ability
to become consciously aware of what they are thinking, and to
take effective action in changing their minds.

Observant humans have noticed that what they BELIEVE has a
noticeable impact on the shape of their lives. They also have
made the connection between what they think and how they feel.
But there is yet another element to the equation, perhaps the
most vital, and most overlooked, of all.

When it comes to Free Will, and the power to choose, the only
choice that makes any real difference at all is the choice
between fear-based BELIEF, and Love-based TRUTH.

All beliefs are fear-based.

Let me repeat that ( I know it may sound crazy right now )

All BELIEFS are fear-based.

That's because a belief, by definition, is not real. It is
based upon a pattern of thought that has been made up, and
can be changed or even eliminated.

TRUTH, on the other hand, is by definition, real.

TRUTH is always Love-based, it is eternal and unchanging, and is
not dependent upon a system of thought and beliefs.

Our current physical experience is manifested primarily from
the fear-based belief system of the Human collective mind.
That is why so many people now want to change their beliefs,
in order to find relief from the extreme stress of living in
a fear-based manifested world.

But changing beliefs, in the long run, won't create the lasting
and positive results most people really want. Ask anyone who
has done this successfully. Once you change your beliefs and
get what you want, one of two things happens: you want more, or
you feel like you've "got it all" but something is missing.

That "something" is the peace, joy, and happiness that comes
from giving up fear-based beliefs altogether, and replacing them
with Love-based Truth. In that state of mind, you find yourself
guided by spirit, and living a life full of magic and fun!

So how do you choose between a fear-based belief and a Love-based
Truth? The good news is you don't have to spend a lot of time
changing your beliefs with affirmations and subliminal messages
to "reprogram" your subconscious mind.

That's why you have a Heartcompass, to help you quickly and easily
exercise the power of your Free Will, and align with the Divine
Guidance that you really are, and that does all the work for you!


THIS WEEK'S NAVIGATION TIP: Aligning With Divine Guidance

Truth is Truth. You don't have to work hard to make it up, or
to "believe" in it.

But you do need to align with Divine Guidance, or that inner
wisdom within you, that is you, in order to get the Truth...
about yourself, others, the Universe, and so on.

I have coached hundreds of individuals through the LifeNavigation
process, and one thing has always been consistent: at the point
where my clients aligned with Divine Guidance and received the
Truth, they always lit up inside and felt happy!

That's the power of the Truth in you! It simply dominates and
eliminates any fear-based belief you may have in your mind, and
instantaneously replaces it with the experience of peace, joy
and happiness that you really are.

So, why not exercise your Free Will now, and use the LifeNavigation
process you learned online at the Heartcompass blog? Tell your
friends and family about it, too. They'll thank you, I guarantee

Just in case you forgot how to get there, simply click the link below.

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"Thank you for the enlightening post. Appreciate it a lot.
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