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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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* HeartCompass Secrets: The Heart Connection
* Navigation Tip: Making The Connection
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HeartCompass Quote:

"Love will bring up anything unlike itself for the purpose

of healing it." Barbara DeAngelis




The secret to accessing Divine Guidance

is to make the connection with your heart.

Your mind can deceive you and make you believe you want

things that are not in your best interest, or in the best

interest of others as well. But your heart cannot deceive you.

It will always indicate accurately whether you are on-course or

off-course. It does this with the indicators of emotion.

I believe that in everyone's heart there is a spiritual

"modem" or connecting energy, that allows us to access guidance

from the divine non-physical source. This source is not

neutral. It has our best interests in mind, as well as the best

interests of everyone we are connected with.

If that were not the case, then we could think anything,

say anything, and do anything and experience no emotional

consequences. But there are emotional consequences,

and these emotions are our guidance system.

Connecting with the heart is simple, but it may not be

easy. You must be willing to do it, and face whatever emotional

indicator is present there for you. That can hurt.

But remember, one more time, that "Love brings up anything unlike itself

for the purpose of healing it."

Take time this week to connect with your heart.

What is it trying to tell you?

What is it telling you is needed to get back on-course,

or to stay on-course?

Now let's take a look at this week's tip:



Once you have contacted your heart, and identified what it is

telling you, the next step is to access the Divine Guidance.

To do this, you must "make room" for the Divine Guidance

to come through.

When you contact your heart, and it is telling you that

you are off-course, then you have received the message or

indicator-now, it is time to let it go!

That's right. And the sooner you can do that, the better.

Imagine you are navigating a ship. You check the compass and find

that winds have blown you 21 degrees off-course!

That's a lot, and you may initially feel a bit of anxiety or panic.

But you are a skilled navigator. You got the reading.

Now it's time to focus on doing whatever is necessary to get back

on course. And the sooner the better!

Your HeartCompass is a similar instrument.

Once it tells you that you are off-course, the first thing to do is

to let go of the indicator. Get centered, get calm, let go.

When you do this, you will automatically open your heart and mind

to whatever needs to come to you through the Divine Guidance.

But it will only come to you when you have let go of the off-course indicator.

There are a number of simple techniques for releasing negative emotions.

Next week I will share some of those with you, as well as some links to some

awesome resources that may have just what you need to learn to let go.



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