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HeartCompass Quote:

"Go for GOD, and all that is not authentically you will fall away."

Marianne Williamson


HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: Emotions and Feelings are Indicators

Last week I wrote to you about the importance of not being
attached to your emotions (otherwise known as "letting go").
This is so important, because if you are attached to your emotions,
you may believe you have no choice but to keep feeling them.

That is not the case. You must feel them for a time, of course.
But if they are negative emotions, it is best to feel them only
so long as it takes to discern the message that feeling is
trying to deliver. The message is basically that in some area
of your life, you are off course. It is up to you to discover
the details, and make the necessary course corrections.

Feelings and emotions are indicators, letting you know whether
the thoughts, beliefs and actions you engage in are on or off
course for you. Love-based emotions indicate you are on course.
Fear-based emotions indicate you are off course.

Love-based emotions attract more love-based thoughts.
Fear-based emotions will attract more fear-based thoughts.
That is why it is so important to be aware, and transform
fear-based emotional indicators as soon as possible. Otherwise
they will snowball, getting bigger and more difficult to
deal with.



How do you know whether you are on or off course?

There are only two energy sources for all emotions:

Love or Fear.

All fear-based feelings and emotions are indicators that
either your thoughts, beliefs or actions are off course
for you. It is up to you to discern which one it is, or
perhaps it is all three.

If the action is on course, but your thinking or beliefs
are off course, you will know because you will experience
love-based emotion when you take the action. For example,
before speaking last week, my heart would race and my palms
would sweat. But when I got up to speak, I loved it!
By taking deep breaths and calming my mind, I could overcome
the irrational fear of public speaking. By remembering how
good it felt to be in front of the audience delivering my
speech, I was able to get back on course.

Actions that arise out of fear-based thoughts and beliefs
will always be off course for you. For example, if you are
mad at your boss and take action that is either vengeful
or spiteful, that action will be off course. (Badmouthing
and complaining about your boss qualifies as off course

When you are angry at your boss and take the time to let
go of that anger and find a love-based alternative, the
action arising from that love-based alternative will be on
course for you, and could result in a better relationship
with your boss.

Many people believe they are doing a service to society by
being against certain things. Unfortunately, being against
anything must involve negative feelings and emotions, which
indicates that you are off course for you. If this describes
you, try being for something that will solve the problem
or address the issue that you are currently feeling against.

Remember, your feelings and emotions are indicators that
your thoughts, beliefs and actions are either on or off
course for you. Negative feelings are not bad, they are
necessary and beneficial, as long as you don't get attached
to them and miss the message they are trying to deliver.
Positive feelings and emotions are indicators that you are
on course. They will attract thoughts and beliefs and create
actions that are beneficial to yourself and others. The
better you get at creating positive emotions in your life,
the more on course your life will become.


Need help letting go of negative, fear-based thought
and emotions?

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