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Vol. 1 No. 5

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the

In this week's issue -

* HeartCompass Quote
* HeartCompass Secrets: Heartspace Connection
* Navigation Tip: Ask Your Heart for Guidance
* Recommended Link: Get help replacing fear-based thinking.

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HeartCompass Quote:

"The within is ceaselessly becoming the without. From the
state of a man's heart doth proceed the conditions of his
life; his thoughts blossom into deeds, and his deeds bear
the fruitage of character and destiny."

-James Allen (Author-"As a Man Thinketh")



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: Heartspace Connection

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at some "basics" -
Parts of Your Heartcompass, Awareness, and Letting Go
of fear-based thought and negative emotional indicators.

This week's Secrets and Tips will delve a little deeper into the
process of focusing on the Heart, and receiving
your own inner guidance.

The Heartspace is where you connect with your own inner wisdom.

By focusing on your Heart and achieving vibrational,
or emotional, "coherence" you allow or attract thoughts and
inspiration in harmony with your inner environment of peace and
well being.

Emotional coherence can be measured using biofeedback and other
sensitive instruments. It can also be felt as a state
of inner calm and well being. One way to achieve this state is
to think about something in your life that you believe makes you
happy. It might be a love relationship, an activity, or
looking at something that you think is beautiful or inspiring.

(Of course, nothing "outside" yourself can "make" you happy, but
that's a topic for a future newsletter!)

Simply focusing on the Heartspace (center of your chest) and
imagining a pure white light emanating from that space
can also serve well to calm and connect you with your Heart.

Now that we've revealed some more "Secrets" of the Heart,
let's move on to this week's LifeNavigation "Tip".


THIS WEEK'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP: Get Guidance from the Heart

Now that you have achieved emotional coherence, and connected
with your Heartspace, it is time to receive Inner Guidance.

The Heart thinks with images and feelings. The Mind receives
these signals, and will do it's best to translate
them into what we typically refer to as "thoughts" -
usually in the form of words. You may also see images,
and most certainly will experience emotions and feelings
about them.

To receive this Inner Guidance, you must let your Heart know
what you wish to receive Guidance about. Your Heart already
knows what's bothering you, but when you take the
time to identify off course thoughts and beliefs the
response will tend to be more specific and useful.

For a detailed description of this technique, which I call the
LifeNavigation process, visit the Heartcompass LifeNavigation
iCourse at :

Listen to your Heart, and it will give you love-based thinking
to replace the fear-based thoughts and beliefs
you have identified and released. This love-based thinking
will reveal to you a world that is also loving and abundant.

Best of all, you will feel better immediately, and that will
help you find the energy and resources to create a happier
and healthier life right now.


Need help replacing negative, fear-based thought and emotions?

Take the FREE Heartcompass iCourse to identify your
off-course thoughts and replace them with Love-based beliefs
about yourself and any existing conditions
in your life right now.

Go to:



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