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Vol. 1 No. 2

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the

In this week's issue -

* HeartCompass Quote of the Week
* Success Stories
* HeartCompass Secrets: Your Emotional Body
* Navigation Tip: Focus on Awareness - The First Step

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HeartCompass Quote:

"When your heart decides your destination, your mind will
design the map to reach it." Mike Murdock


Success Stories:

After experiencing the benefits of navigating life with my
own HeartCompass for many years, I decided it was safe to
experiment on some of my friends. Occasionally I will share
one of their stories with you. When you learn to navigate
with your HeartCompass, I would love to hear your story and
publish it in this newsletter. So please, keep in touch!

Not too long ago, I visited a friend at his place of work,
only to find him beside himself in frustration and anger.
I asked him what was going on. He said he hated his job and
"had to get out of there". I asked him if he was willing to
give my HeartCompass process a try. Fortunately, he agreed.

Within a few minutes, he had transformed his negative thought
and emotions into something reassuring and constructive. His
energy changed immediately, and he successfully completed his
day at work. But that's just the beginning.

When I went to visit him the following week, he had found
another job and was training his replacement (this was after
months of frustration, not being able to find a job or someone
to replace him in his current position - and he didn't want to
leave his employer, a good friend, in the lurch). A few weeks
after that, I went to visit him at his new place of employment.
He loved his new job and was very happy!

Now re-read the Quote of the Week. I think this story is an
example of this very valuable insight, don't you?
Very much so! Learn to navigate life with your HeartCompass,
and your mind will also chart a course to the destinations
your heart desires!


Last week I told you about the parts of your HeartCompass;
your life energy flow, your heart's electromagnetic field,
and your emotional body. This week let's take a closer
look at your emotional body.

The emotional body stores emotional memories from past
experiences. If these experiences were positive, then the
emotional charge of these memories will be positive. If the
memories are negative, or even traumatic, then the emotional
charge of these memories will also be negative.

Positive emotional memories and emotions will attract
positive thoughts, beliefs, and circumstances into your
life. Negative emotional memories and emotions will attract
more negative thoughts, beliefs and circumstances into your
life as well.

In Navigation Tips we will take a look at the importance of
becoming aware of your emotional body, and the memories and
emotional charges stored there.

THIS WEEK'S NAVIGATION TIP: Accessing Your Emotional Body

There are two very important reasons to access the emotional
memories stored in your emotional body (note: the emotional
body is made up of thought and emotion, therefore it is pure
energy). One is to access positive memories and emotions to
experience and build upon past happiness and success.
Two is to access negative memories and emotions in order to
remove them, and replace them with something positive
and supportive.

There are many ways to access your emotional body, but I
believe the most effective way is to pay attention to
your current circumstances. Your present circumstances
are an expression of your past thoughts, memories, and

When you put your attention on something in your life
that you love, you can usually remember many other things
in your life that you have loved. When you put your
attention on something in your life that is not working
for you, then you can access the memories and emotions
from the past that may be creating your current situation.

Using the HeartCompass LifeNavigation process, you can then
use your mind to chart a course to happy and successful
destinations, and begin to leave the painful and negative
places behind.

This, of course, takes time. Life is a journey, and
every journey worth taking takes time. Spending just a
few minutes a day navigating with your HeartCompass can
make the difference between arriving at destinations of
your heart's desire, or revisiting the places you wish
you had never been!

Next week - more ways to increase your awareness and
improve your life navigation skills.

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Next Week:

More Quotes, Secrets, and Tips!

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