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Vol. 1 No. 32

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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HeartCompass Quote:

"In the Genuine Heart there is consciousness which senses and
experiences all that there is to know. There is a different path
of knowledge of the Heart."




HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: Review: What Is Your Heartcompass?

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This week I would like to review briefly what your Heartcompass
is, and where the LifeNavigation Process came from.

Your Heartcompass is an inner guidance system that lets you
know whether your thoughts, beliefs, and the physical manifestations
of your subconscious mind are in alignment with your heart's

Your Heart is your connection to source, or spirit, or what
you might call "the real You." It is constantly sending you
signals concerning the truth about what your conscious and
subconscious mind is projecting and perceiving. If the contents
of your mind are false or fear-based, you will receive a
signal that creates a "negative" emotion. If the contents of
your mind are true and Love-based, you will receive a signal
that creates a "positive" emotion.

Of course, the "you" sending the signal, and the "you"
receiving it are one and the same...just observing the whole
experience from different viewpoints (yes, you can be in two
places at the same time - remember your Quantum Theory?).

I used to believe that the purpose of this whole process was
to manifest physical experience that was in alignment with
what I "wanted". What I have come to know is that the reason
is much deeper and more meaningful (at least to me).

Very briefly, our "negative" experiences give us awareness of
what we are not, providing the contrast necessary to become
aware of who and what we are. As this awareness grows, our
thoughts, beliefs, physical manifestations and emotions all
come into alignment with this knowledge. And that results in
a life experience that is joyful, meaningful, healthy, and
prosperous in many ways.

The physical manifestations may or may not be what we "think"
we wanted, but they will always be in alignment with our
best and highest good, and be a reflection or mirror of the
joyful thoughts and feelings in our mind.



The LifeNavigation Process is a result of my own desire to
find a simple yet effective technique for resolving stress
and creating a happier, more prosperous life.

I studied the Law of Attraction with Abraham-Hicks for many
years. I learned how to use Vision Boards. I wrote down
my dreams, desire, and goals.

I used these techniques until I realized I had been happier,
and got better results, before I started applying them.

I felt there was truth to the teachings, but something about
the processes being taught was amiss. That's when it hit
me that all of these techniques focused on the "head", whereas
all through my life I had been guided by my Heart. When I
was guided by my Heart, I always got what I fact,
my family had a saying, "What Ilana wants, Ilana gets."
I think they were a bit jealous...

Anyway, I wanted to combine what I learned from my own life
experience with what I had learned about the workings of
the conscious and subconcsious mind. I wanted to connect my
mind and Heart.

As a result of that intention, I woke up
one morning with the LifeNavigation Process complete in
my head. I went out and bought some inexpensive office
supplies and started using it right away. The results
were so amazing, I just had to understand how it really
worked, and how I could teach it to others.

That's how I moved through the "Unconscious Competent", to
the "Conscious Incompetent", and finally the "Conscious
Competent" stage of deliberate creation. Along the way I
have discovered who I really am and what I really want in my
life. Not too bad for some post-it notes, 3x5 index
cards and a file, a pen and some paper!

The 5 Part LifeNavigation iCourse is simple and always free
and available online.
If you want to learn more about how it
works, and the deeper implications using this process can
have for your life, visit
where you will find articles, information, and links to
resources that will educate and empower you.

Visit by clicking HERE


Featured Video: Gregg Braden - Conscious Creating

This is the clearest, most concise presentation I have seen
so far about the heart, mind, emotions, beliefs, physical
reality, and how they are all related...don't miss this!

...or watch the embedded video online here:


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