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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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HeartCompass Quote:

"Everyone's fear about money is coming to the surface now.
The answer lies in trust. Do you trust in your financial portfolio
or in a higher power? A higher power has always been there for you,
but you have to trust in it. Indeed, if you look back you will see
that everything you have needed has always come to you. While many
are still filled with the fear of not having anything to fall back on,
gifts are being given to those of you who are letting go and opening up.
It is a great truth that as you surrender, everything shows up."

Lee Ching




Connecting with the Heart creates an experience of oneness or
at-onement in the mind.

Money (the thought of it, use of words related to money,
and/or the handling of it) creates an experience of separation
or a-loneness in the mind.

I am not making this up!

In fact, I apologize for using the word in this newsletter,
but it is necessary to bring awareness to something that is
buried very deeply in the collective subconscious mind.

New Scientist Magazine just published an article on research
results called "How Money Messes With Your Mind". These are
legitimate scientific studies, backing up something I have
known in my heart about money for a long time. I strongly
recommend that you read this article.

I realize that I am going against the current of most spiritual
and metaphysical teaching these days. In fact, I dropped out
for a couple of years in order to examine the issue and come
to some resolution and peace with it before moving forward.

The truth is, if I were to ask you for money in exchange for
receiving this newsletter, I would be creating in my mind as
well as yours an experience of "disconnect" in the Heart.
This is not some sort of ethical issue. It's just simple
scientific fact. The exchange of money for products and
services creates a cascade of electrical and hormonal stress
that leads to incoherence in the Heart's energy field.
When this field is disrupted, our connection to Source and
to each other is impaired.

Now, in most cases, this would not be considered of much
consequence. People know and accept that most stuff that
we buy has been produced purely for the purpose of making
a profit.

But that is not the case with the Heartcompass and the
LifeNavigation System.

Asking you to give me money for the Heartcompass and LifeNav
System would create the opposite effect or outcome that was
originally intended. And we probably wouldn't even notice it
because we take this exchange so totally for granted as it is
deeply ingrained in our minds.

And of course there is the Law of Attraction, which sidesteps
this issue with the explanation that money is "just energy".
Everything is energy, but that doesn't mean it is something
that will enhance or benefit our lives in the long run.
This is where we get the "double whammy"...we "think" we
want something, use the Law of Attraction to get it, and
don't even realize the effect it is having on our hearts and



To understand how this has happened over the last few hundred,
or perhaps thousands, of years I deeply hope you will take
the time to watch this week's Featured Video.
This video is making the rounds on the Internet as more and
more people are connecting to their own inner guidance and
are prepared to accept the truth.

It has taken me a long time to accept the truth I have
known all along in my Heart about money. But now that I
have accepted it I know that new doors and new possibilities
will be opened. I will continue to give and receive freely,
as was my intention for the new year. So far so good!

Next month I will create an online Forum where we can
meet and discuss the issues and lessons presented in
this newsletter and on the new website,"Metaphysics-for-life."
Hope to see you there!


Featured Video: Zeitgeist Addendum: "Spirit of a Society"

As more and more of us connect to the Heart, remember
who we are and why we are here, the day will arrive
when we realize we don't need money to do anything.
That is when we will make the shift from the money-based
to the resource-based economy.
I can see that day in
my heart and in my mind. I look forward to sharing it
with you!

Two ways to watch:

A) click the link below and then watch "Zeitgeist Addendum" first,
then watch the "movie".

Or, B) go to the Heartcompass Secrets Blog and scroll down
to the embedded Zeitgeist Addendum video.


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