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Vol. 1 No. 31

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation Process:
A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual,
metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that
can redirect the mind through the inner guidance of the


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* HeartCompass Secrets: The Crisis

* LifeNavigation Tip: The Solution

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HeartCompass Quote:

"No problem can be solved
from the same level of consciousness
that created it."

Albert Einstein




Good news everyone!

The Crisis has been solved!

Right now, while the media focuses on the problem
and everything that's going wrong in the world,
the solution has already been prepared.

The answer, my friend, will not be announced to us from
a podium. And it won't be reported on the evening news.

The answer has already been written...on your Heart.

The solution to every problem is created in the Heart,
even as the problem manifests in our experience.

I repeat, the Crisis has been solved!

It is time now to start living from the solution.

It is time to start living from your Heart...



A mind that operates without guidance from the Heart
is filled with fear, doubt, and anger. Such a mind can
only create more of the problems and crises that it
projects and perceives.

When the crisis gets big enough, and those to whom we've
given control over our lives are unable to solve our
problems for us; that is when we can find the motivation
to look within, and find the power within ourselves.

That is where it has always been, despite appearances.

What appears to be a negative situation is actually our
greatest opportunity. This is a critical time, when
choosing to live in fear and reaction, or from Love and
response-ability, will make a very real difference in
our lives, and the lives of future generations as well.

Take time this week to meditate. If you have books or
materials about intuition, inner guidance, and/or
your inner compass, pull them off the shelf, dust
them off and read them again. Most importantly, when
something appeals to you or moves you, apply it in
your life right away. Don't wait any longer.

If you need help finding resources to help you, I've begun
adding links and descriptions to resources I have looked
into myself. Some of them I've used, others look promising
or offer valuable free services.

The homepage is at

or go straight to the page on intuition at

And of course, don't forget to check your own Heartcompass,
and use the LifeNavigation process on a regular basis.

Making a commitment to this simple but powerful technique
has been proven to redirect the mind from fear-based to
Love-based thinking, with life giving results.


Featured Video: The Heart of Creation

This video came to my attention today, and I will not ignore
the synchronicity...

It may be too "new agey" for some, or it may not. If you are
familiar with sacred geometry, and how music and sound can
open the heart and mind then you might appreciate this.

At the very least, you might find it simply beautiful and inspiring.

This link will take you to Youtube, or you can watch the embedded
if you are reading this online at Heartcompass Secrets blog...


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