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HeartCompass Quote:

"We lose our freedom because we are tethered to an idea."

-Emma Curtis Hopkins



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS: The Definitions of "F*ree"

My New Year's resolution for 2009 is to give and receive freely.
(No I'm not that cute guy in the tee, but you will be able to buy
the shirt soon at the online store for A Mind With Heart!)

In our hearts and minds we often associate the word "f*ree"
with things that don't cost us any money.

I visited for some definitions of the word "f*ree",
and these were just some of the results I found:

*Not controlled by obligation or the will of another.
*Given, made, or done of one's own accord; voluntary or spontaneous.
*To relieve of a burden, obligation, or restraint.
*To remove obstructions or entanglements from; clear.

Only one definition had anything to do with money, and that was
an idiom:

*for free, Without charge.

And even that did not specifically say "money".

There is a vast Human Collective Consciousness, made up of all
the shared thoughts and beliefs of the human collective mind,
which holds together the subjective reality we experience as
ourselves, the world, the Universe, and everything within it.

Within this Collective Consciousness is the belief that things
that cost money are not f*ree. Individuals whose subconscious
mind subscribes to this belief will experience money as the
opposite of f*ree. In other words, money is experienced as a
means of control or obligation, requiring one to give up personal
will, to be burdened or restrained, encounter obstructions and

Some people are very resourceful at finding ways to get things
for f*ree, or without the exchange of money. Others are very good
at creating lots of money in their experience. But this still does
not remove the core belief from the subconscious mind. The stress
of holding a false fear-based belief in the mind remains, and
can lead to problems with health, relationships, and the physical
experience in general.

The truth is, "exchange" is a result of the belief in the illusion
of separation. In truth there is only giving. By giving we
receive. By giving freely we receive freely. (Remember, freely
does not mean "without money". Check out the definitions once
more to reinforce this critical point.)

Removing the false fear-based belief that things that
cost money are not f*ree will take the mind one step closer to
the truth and remembering who we really are.



Use your LifeNav Kit to identify and remove your false fear-
based beliefs about money, and replace those beliefs with truth
from the Heart.

On your Post-it note try writing, "Things that cost money are
not free." Ask your Heart for the truth, and see what comes
up. I would love to hear about your results. You can go directly
to the blog where this ezine is published and submit a comment.
Thank you!

Also, you can watch this weeks featured video to help open the
Heart and awaken your intuition. Opening the Heart with sound
and images will help you receive the truth and enhance your
personal experience with the Heartcompass process.

Have the happiest New Year ever!


Featured Video: Awakening Intuiton

Beautiful, compelling, powerful sound and images to help open
your Heart and awaken intuition! Watch full screen in high
resolution for best results...enjoy!


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