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HeartCompass Quote:

"The mind which serves the spirit is at peace
and filled with joy. Its power comes from spirit,
and it is fulfilling happily its function here."

Lesson 96
A Course In Miracles




There is a hole in your Heart.

I'm not talking about a "physical" hole in your "physical" heart.

And I don't mean that gaping emptiness you feel when you
experience the illusion of loss (don't worry, we are all
human, we have all felt it...).

I'm talking about that quantum singularity that physicists
have discovered in the center of the Heart "area" that we feel
in the center of the chest.

Interestingly enough, that same quantum singularity (or infinitely
small "black hole") also exists in the center or "Heart" of
the Earth, the center of the Sun, and even at the center of
our Galaxy. The powerful magnetic fields that emanate from the
center of the human Heart, the Earth, the Sun, and the Galaxy
seem to emanate from this quantum singularity, or "hole".

And guess what? On December 21, 2012 (which is a Winter
Solstice) ALL of these singularities or "holes" are going
to align with each other.

So what does that mean?

I really have no idea. No one can "know" what's going to happen,
if anything, and here's why...

The meaning of the word "to know" in Sanskrit translates as
"to go through". Therefore, the only way to "know" anything
is to "go through" it. And that won't happen until the day
comes and goes.

But I do know this. When I set the intention to align my head
with my Heart I began to experience a shift in consciousness
and awareness that has dramatically changed the way I see
myself and the world. "Seeing" with the Heart is dramatically
different from "seeing" with the eyes in your head, and can
only be "known" through personal experience. To "know" is
to "go through". I do know that others saw the shift in me
as well. People look at me differently. They want to know
who I am. They want to know "the secret" they see reflected
in me. It's in everyone. All you have to do is look...but
look with your Heart~!

Perhaps, (and we shall "see" won't we?) the alignment of Heart
centers in 2012 will bring about a shift in human collective
consciousness that will change the way all of us see, feel,
and act in the world? I don't know...not yet. But if it
does, we might all look forward to a way of being in the world
that is more loving, peaceful, and meaningful than anything
humanity has "known" before...



Physicists have begun to find evidence that we do indeed live
in a "hologram" or holographic Universe. And that hologram
seems to be transmitted from a black hole in the center of
the Universe.

If that's the case, then it's possible the physical Universe
we see with our eyes is really a holographic projection
coming from an as yet unknown "source".

My own Heart (or intuition) tells me the source of this
hologram is the Universal Mind, answering the question
we have asked of it, "What if it were possible to be
separate?" It's not possible to be separate, but it is
possible to experience the illusion of separation, and
thus our physical "life".

From the point of view of our physical life (or illusion
of being a separate entity) we can look back upon ourselves
and "see" who we really are. But we cannot "see" this
with our physical eyes, because who we are is not a
holographic projection of the Mind.

To "see" who you really are, you must "look" with the
Heart. To do that you must close your physical eyes
for a moment and "feel" what is in your Heart. Ask
your own Heart for the Truth about yourself, about
who you are. When you FEEL the Love, the Light, the
Truth, and the Life that can be found only in the
infinite quantum singularity of the Heart, then you
will "see" your Self.

Of course, you'll want to put this to practical use!
Use your Heartcompass LifeNav kit to hook up your
head to your Heart. Experience the power of a Mind with
Heart, and bring the power of who you really are into
your physical experience.


Featured Video: Health, Light, Life and Nutrition

Eating Love filled, information rich food is just one of
the many ways to help us "see" with the Heart. This video
is a beautifully presented introduction to this principle...

Note: the views expressed in this video are those of
The Goldring, and not necessarily those of Heartcompass
Enterprises and Foundation For A Mind With Heart.


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