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Living From The Heart

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"Living From The Heart"


Hello, welcome back to this week's Mind With Heart Q&A.

This week I'm going to talk about "living from the Heart".

I'm going to be totally honest here...

The Truth is, as long as we are having a physical life experience, there will be what we call "negative emotions" or feelings. And that's not bad.

And here's why:

Imagine you are the Captain of a ship.  To steer that ship safely to it's destination you depend on guidance systems to keep you on course, and to warn you of any dangers, obstacles and storms.

Now, imagine someone comes along - someone who claims to have more knowledge and experience in navigating ships than you do. And imagine they tell you to ignore those "bad" warning signals!  Come below decks and party with us!  Focus on the good stuff and ignore the bad, and you can finally start enjoying life like the rest of the passengers, instead of worrying about steering that darn ship!

At first, that might seem like a great idea.  You go below deck and you start having fun - it's the time of your life!  The ship, which you put on autopilot, is out in the middle of the big ocean and sails along without incident for some time.

Then one day - BAM!  You hit something - and the ship sinks (ala "Titanic").  You party on while the ship goes down.  But sooner or later the water takes over, and you can't ignore the cold wet truth any longer.  You ignored you guidance systems, and now you are paying the price.

I know, I've been there, done that.  Most - if not all - of us have.

And I'm not just talking about the potential pitfalls of Law of Attraction or positive thinking, or personal growth and self-help programs.  Most of us just spend a good amount of time on "auto-pilot" - letting our subconscious run the show without our awareness or direction.

Or we "think" we can run the show or pilot the ship using Law of Attraction or other self-help programs, only to find ourselves one day "hitting an iceberg" or running the ship ashore, or just not getting where we wanted to go.

The Truth is, without "negative" feelings and emotions, we would have no inner guidance system.  We all have them!  But if we try to ignore them or run away from them, then we can't be the Captain of our own ship.  We will run into things, and we won't get to our destinations either.

When I first started using the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System, I thought it was a Law of Attraction or manifestation tool - something that could help me get the things I think I want.

At first, it did seem to work that way.

But after a while - a few years actually - I was still encountering obstacles and experiencing some strong negative emotions.  What I didn't realize at the time was that my inner guidance system was telling me I was heading for an iceberg!

I got fed up and told myself, "this stuff doesn't work!" and I abandoned it.  And guess what?  I ran smack into that iceberg while I was below decks, trying to ignore the signals and just having fun with my friends.

Well. the ship went down, and me with it.

Fortunately, after a couple more years of no progress, I decided to give the LifeNav System another try.

It hasn't been easy.  And I'm still navigating a small boat rather than a large ship.  But I did learn not to ignore those negative emotions and feelings - especially when they get big and loud and start blinking yellow or red!

Now, I told you I would be honest.  Sometimes my friends or family will criticize me because the things my Heart desires, and the things my inner guidance system warns me about or guides me towards, are not the kind of things we have been taught represent "success".  Things like a good job, lots of money, a big house, a car, being married, etc.

I'm not saying those things are either "good" or "bad" - it's just that listening to my inner guidance has led me to a less than conventional lifestyle.  On the surface, I might not look like a "success" - or to you maybe I do.

The point is, what matters is that I follow my own inner guidance, and I don't go crashing into icebergs any more - although I do still run into storms.  However, even the storms are more manageable now.

Being the Captain of your own ship and using your inner guidance system is what I call "living from the Heart".

We all want to experience positive feelings and enjoy life.  That's what make physical life experience worth living!

But when those negative feelings come along - and they will - you now have your Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to help you steer away from anything that might sink your ship, or just to help you stay on course while you pass through one of life's many storms.

Experiencing strong negative emotions and feelings is not a "bad" thing - any more than a blaring horn and blinking red lights on a ship are "bad".  It's a good thing - but only if you don't ignore them.  Use them. Gain awareness and steer your own ship.

Thanks for listening, now go create A Mind With Heart, and I'll see you again next week!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
The Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart

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