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Bringing A Mind With Heart to the World

Vol. 2014 No. 033

Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation System:

A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that can redirect the mind with inner guidance from the Heart.


In this week's issue -

* HeartCompass Quotes

* HeartCompass Secrets: A Mind With Heart for the World

* LifeNavigation Tip: The LifeNav System for Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Change

* Featured Video: THE MISSING PIECE: Creating A Mind With Heart


HeartCompass Quotes:

"All that we need to know, all the wisdom of the cosmos, we will find in our own heart."

~ Mother Teresa



HEARTCOMPASS SECRETS:  A Mind With Heart for the World

Many of us spend most of our time thinking about how to make more money so we can buy more stuff and do more things, how to improve our relationships so we can have more peace and happiness in our life, and how to create better health so we can live longer and do more.

To that end, some of us seek help from friends or family, from books or seminars, or from professionals who specialize in one or more of these important areas of life.

But a few of us want more than that.

We look at the bigger picture; not only our own financial future, but the financial future of our world, not just our own personal and intimate relationships, but the relationships between nations, states and even corporations, not just our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, but the health of our planet and all life upon it.

When one of us wishes to improve our own lot in life, we might turn to the latest offerings in new age philosophy, spirituality, or science. The most popular of these has been the Law of Attraction, made famous ten years ago by the movie "The Secret".

Today we have hundreds of options to choose from, with creative people offering all kinds of tips and techniques for improving various areas of our lives. I know, I am one of those "creative people", and the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System is one of those techniques.

But where do we turn when we want to have an effect on the "bigger picture"?

In the movie "The Secret", Abraham-Hicks says, "create your own reality, and let others create their own reality".  Well that's fine, but what am I to do when others creating their own reality results in toxic food, air and water in my reality?  Or when others creating their own reality results in economic meltdowns that cause me to lose my job or business?  Or when others creating their own reality results in my government spending most of my tax dollars on war?

I think you get the idea.

The answer to this dilemma is obvious:  others creating their own reality is PART of MY own reality.

If others are creating economic, social, political and environmental conditions that affect our lives in a way not to our liking, it is only because WE ARE CREATING THEM to do that in our personal life experience.

If that is true, and it is, then when and how is it appropriate to use metaphysical, spiritual, religious and scientific knowledge and techniques to influence the reality that "others" are creating?

The only appropriate - and effective - way to use the powerful techniques or processes we are learning today is to influence ONLY what we ourselves are creating.  And that INCLUDES other people messing up our air, water, food, economy, and planet.

But how can we do this?


THIS MONTH'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP:  The LifeNav System for Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Change

Using the LifeNavigation System, we begin with Awareness; the Awareness that we are creating our own personal life experience in our Mind. And if it does not feel good, we identify the fear-based beliefs we have used to create that life experience.

If that personal life experience is wanting more money for example, we might begin by looking at the money we have now, and our thoughts and feelings about that.

Once we have identified the beliefs creating the current situation, we can create Heart coherence and ask our Heart Intelligence for Love-based Truth to replace the beliefs.

Replacing beliefs with Truth in the subconscious Mind will change our feelings, behaviours, and results.

Application of the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System to social, economic and environmental situations in your personal life experience is the same.

At first, it might seem like these situations are not "personal" because you read about them or hear about them on TV or internet. However, if it exists in your Mind and it has emotional energy for you, then it is a part of your personal life experience and you can have an influence upon that.

Let's say you read about the dangers of genetically modified foods showing up in grocery stores.  Using the LifeNav System, you can identify the beliefs in your Mind creating that situation, access Heart Intelligence for Love-based Truth, and replace those beliefs in your subconscious Mind.

Once you do that, notice how your choices and behaviours change to avoid the GMO's.  But more important, notice how others also start to avoid them, and others take action to get foods labeled for GMO's or banned from the grocery store.

Now you might argue that you had nothing to do with the actions of others.  But if the actions of others exists in your Mind and if it has emotional energy for you, then it is part of your personal life experience, which only you can create.

Can you apply this to situations of war, environmental degradation, or economic dysfunction?  Yes.  Any situation or circumstance that is active in your Awareness is within your power and jurisdiction to influence. You can choose which ones to affect so they are transformed from fear-based to Love-based in your personal life exeprience.

The important thing to always remember is that it's not about inflicting your will upon the world, or creating what you think you want.  The LifeNav System only works when you identify beliefs that create a fear-based life experience and ask your Heart Intelligence for Love-based Truth to replace those beliefs in the subconscious Mind.


Featured Video: THE MISSING PIECE: Bringing A Mind With Heart to the World

If you would like to learn more about the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System and Creating A Mind With Heart for the World, watch this 45 minute recorded class.

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