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Find Yourself In The Heart

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* LifeNavigation Tip: Truth Is In The Heart

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HeartCompass Quotes:

"The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart."

- William Hazlitt




What is your head telling you right now about who you really are?

Whatever your head tries to tell you about yourself, it can never tell you the Truth.

The head, or conscious mind, is limited to perceiving the illusions of separation. Whatever it sees, it will interpret, give meaning, value, and judgement.  No matter how long and hard you look for yourself with your conscious mind, you will only find projections of duality - you will never see who you really are with the eyes in your head.

But no matter who or what you THINK you are - good or bad, sick or healthy, rich or broke, stupid or wise, ugly or beautiful, successful or a failure, loved or unloveable, or anything in between - you can ALWAYS find Truth in the Heart.

The ego mind will go to any and all lengths to create illusion of separation - because that's its job.  That's what it was made to do.  Have you ever wondered why we created an ego mind to tell us we are separate?

Illusion creates DESIRE to know Truth.

Without DESIRE there is no motivation - no movement.  Without movement there is no Life.

Movement towards Truth is movement towards Love - and that creates a life experience of Truth and Love.

Don't let the illusions of the ego mind distract you from Truth.  Instead, use them as motivation - motivation to find Truth in the Heart, and remember who you really are!



If you have been seeking Truth in books, lectures, tapes, videos, from teachers, gurus, websites, or anywhere else - don't worry, you are not alone!  We all start with the perceptions of the consious mind.  As physically manifested beings we really have no other choice.

But eventually, when we have experienced enough frustration and dis-illusionment, enough pain, loss and loneliness - that's when we might find the motivation, the Desire, to look elsewhere - to find Truth where we least expected it.  That's when we might finally turn inward to our own patiently waiting Hearts.

Now I know sometimes you might think your Heart is broken, or you might have been told that the Heart is a deceiver.  These are lies the ego mind tells us to keep the illusion firmly in place - again, because that's its job, and it's an expert!

Especially when you are feeling heartbroken, lost, lonely, or hopeless - that's the most powerful time to turn to the Heart.  If you want to know the Truth about your deepest fears and false beliefs, you will find it in your own Heart.  When you are in your deepest pain, don't be afraid to look.  These are our moments of greatest opportunity!

(PS - if you find you Heart closing or shutting down when you are faced with a particularly painful situation, try to remain AWARE.  I had this experience recently.  It felt like a door slammed shut over my Heart, and it remained closed for several days.  At first, it felt like relief - that I was finally safe!  But the Heart cannot remain closed for long, and eventually the pain finds its way in again.  Better to keep the Heart open and deal with things in the moment!)

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Featured Video(s): Evolving Towards Unity


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