Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Join Now? Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center

The Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center now has over twenty students and is growing every day!

The Learning Center offers Courses and other resources for creating A Mind With Heart. To learn more about what A Mind With Heart is, and how it can impact your life, visit and click on "A Mind With Heart" in the navigation bar.

Learn how you can Join The Foundation For Creating a Mind With Heart and gain UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to the Learning Center and all that it has to offer - today, and FOREVER!

It's easy. The "pay what you can" price structure allows you to determine what you can afford, and what it's worth to you to develop your own inner guidance system and access heart intelligence.  A Mind with access to heart intelligence thinks faster, solves problems better, and sees the big picture - all vital skills in these rapidly changing times!

Go to now and learn more about why and how you can join the Foundation, and join the other students who are Creating A Mind With Heart!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Foundation For Creating A Mind With Heart
Mind With Heart Learning Center administrator

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