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* HeartCompass Secrets: Happy "Singles Awareness Day"

* LifeNavigation Tip: Perceiving Reality

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HeartCompass Quote:

"At the deepest level, it's real love and care that people crave.
Give those things, and you'll receive them. Through your caring
deeds and actions, you'll truly make your mark on the world."

-- Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution




A dear friend of mine, married and divorced three times,
likes to call Valentine's Day "Singles Awareness Day".

And I thought, "He's right!"

Valentine's Day just might be the one holiday that is most
effective at helping us become aware of "what we are not"
(ie. single, separate, alone) and remembering who we really
are (atone and connected to All That Is).

To feel that connection, we must go to the Heart.

Bodies and minds cannot connect. They are a part of the illusion
of separation, and therefore feel a constant need to connect.

In our Heart, we are already one, and there we must go if we
are to know the Truth, and realize we are not a body, and we
are never alone. That's the essence of the Healing Message
I received for Valentine's Day, if you want to take a look...



One of the best things about researching content for the new
website (I know, it's taking longer to build than I expected,
but that just means it's going to be bigger and better than
I had even hoped...) is all the incredible resources I keep
coming across, and the amazing connections I make every day.

This week, I found THEE most entertaining video on the nature
of Reality and how we Perceive it that I have EVER seen...and
you know I do a lot of looking!

It's short, it's sweet, and the link is below (if you are
reading this online, you can watch the embeded version)...


Featured Video: Perceiving Reality: Where Are You?

To watch it on Youtube, click here:

You can also watch it online at:

Or it's embedded here if you're at my blog right now:

Hope you find this as entertaining as I did!


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